10 Best Chatbot Builders for 2022 [Reviews & Features]

Best Chatbot Builders for 2023 [Reviews & Features]

Best Chatbot Builders: In the era of personalized marketing, chatbots have emerged as one of the only platforms capable of providing a true one-to-one encounter between businesses and their customers.

However, like with every contemporary competitive advantage, chatbots have been saturated, significantly limiting their efficacy.

This does not stop the majority of the marketing business from fawning over the fanciful concept of AI fooling consumers into believing they were speaking to a human when they should be asking what issues can chatbots address that other solutions cannot or cannot accomplish as well.

If you’ve been addressing these types of questions over the last couple of years and believe the moment is perfect to construct your own bot, you’ve come to the correct spot. Here are the greatest chatbot builders, presented in an essay devoid of unjustified hype or exaggeration.

 1. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is a Facebook Messenger bot builder that enables marketers to create high-converting chatbots.

Unlike many of the other chatbot builders mentioned in this article, MobileMonkey focuses on integrating your chatbot with the rest of your marketing stack, such as your ad campaigns and drip marketing.

With built-in chatbots, lead magnets, and marketing automation tools, MobileMonkey simplifies the process of increasing your list and, more crucially, converting visitors to leads.

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2. YugasaBot 

 “Yugasa Bot is a chatbot powered by natural language processing that works with any website, mobile application, or social network. Additionally, the Yugasa Bot may be effortlessly integrated with Alexa to give speech intelligence.

It is a natural language processing platform powered by artificial intelligence for sales and support automation. Yugasa Bot delivers an AI-Enabled Sales Funnel for your organization.

Yugasa Bot begins the Conversation That Is Most Appropriate for You and Your Business Domain. Yugasa Bot was created to supplement your digital advertising efforts with artificial intelligence and to aid in the development of client connections.”

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Tidio is a customer experience platform that enables online stores to provide excellent customer service and turn passive visitors into active buyers.

It has ready-to-use sales and support chatbots that increase revenue and immediately answer the most common questions of your customers.

Managing all your customer messages in one place makes Tidio a simple yet strong helpdesk solution for your team.

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4. BotUp

BotUp is the world’s first multichannel all-in-one chatbot software to build robust chatbots and deploy them on Website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS.

Using a visual flow builder and pre-built templates, BotUp is the fastest way to create fully-functional chatbots without writing any code.

UI theming lets you customize the chat widget by adding an avatar, color, fonts, and layout to match your business look and feel and make your chatbot’s UI unique.

BotUp allows you to integrate your chatbot with your existing customer support and CRM tools to provide a seamless customer experience and improve sales revenue.

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 5. Flow XO – Best Chatbot Builders

Flow XO is a comprehensive solution for developing chatbots, hosting them, and distributing them across several platforms, so you are not confined to Facebook Messenger.

Additionally, you may create chatbot widgets for your website or connect them with appropriate third-party platforms, and users can share your bot.

The UI is really easy to use, and there is a trial version available to gain a feel for the programme. While the free edition includes all functionality, it is restricted to 500 interactions – however, you may create up to five separate bots.

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6.  Botsify

Botsify is a straightforward builder that enables you to simply develop bots for your website or Facebook Messenger.

Additionally, it has several unique integration capabilities not seen in other builders. For instance, you may interface your bot with Shopify, WordPress, or Alexa; you can even include conversion forms into your bot or enable human employees to take over the chat.

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7. ChatterOn – Best Chatbot Builders

ChatterOn claims to be the quickest bot builder in the industry, saying that you can start constructing bots in less than five minutes. This begins with a selection of over 20 pre-built bots that you can customise using the basic builder.

ChatterOn’s AI and machine learning algorithms are very capable, and the platform supports a broad variety of rich content types, including carousels, buttons, images, gifs, and videos.

You may use Botsify for free or subscribe to a subscription plan starting at $10/month.

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 8. Sequel

Additionally, Sequel provides you with various chatbot templates that you can customize using the drag-and-drop editor.

Sequel’s ultimate goal is to get you producing chatbots that engage consumers on a conversational level, which is accomplished via the use of two critical components: Sequel’s Natural Language Processing technology for the conversational aspect of things, and interactive content.

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9. Pandorabots – Best Chatbot Builders

Pandorabots is an excellent platform for development and experimentation, but it does need some basic coding abilities. This provides enormous freedom, enabling you to create almost anything (or have the skills too).

Definitely not for novices, but an excellent interface for experienced bot builders.

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10. TARS 

TARS is a drag-and-drop chatbot builder for creating online chatbots and conversational landing pages. It’s really simple to use and requires no coding or programming abilities.

There are over 800 editable and customizable chatbot templates for various sectors and use cases. TARS focuses only on developing bots that generate leads and increase the ROI of your marketing efforts – something that many bot builders overlook.

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11. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is a Facebook Messenger bot builder that attempts to make bot creation simple. You do not need any coding skills to use Chatfuel, and the free edition of the platform allows you access to practically all features for up to 5,000 subscribers, albeit your bot will display the Chatfuel logo.

While Chatfuel is not as simple to use as some of the other Messenger bot builders we’ll cover in this post, it does make maintaining and reusing messages simpler than others – something you’ll enjoy later.

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11. Botkit 

Botkit is more than a bot builder; it is a global community of over 7,000 creators. However, it is also an outstanding bot builder, with a visual dialogue builder, open-source libraries, built-in statistics and analytics, and thoroughly tested code from some of the greatest bot builders available for powering your own bots.

There is a free version, and subscription plans begin at $5/month, depending on the number of bots and active users required.

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