A Complete Guide For Developing a WhatsApp Chatbot

A Complete Guide For Developing a WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp Chatbots: Many of you have already encountered a chatbot. But for those who don’t have an idea what a chatbot is, Here’s a quick sum-up of it. 

Chatbot: A Chatbot is a software program capable of having a conversation with an individual on their own, i.e, without any sort of human intervention.

The complexities of those answers will depend on the technologies used to make that particular chatbot.

Generally, Artificial Intelligence is used to make these chatbots smarter and human-like, so the person walking towards them feels more comfortable while using it. 

To go a step further, Natural Language Processing(NLP) is integrated to make the conversation more interesting and more Natural. 

Google rolled out its own platform to help businesses to create chatbots named DialogFlow

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Now back to our Topic, 

What is a WhatsApp Chatbot?

Like any other chatbot, WhatsApp Chatbot is a software program, driven by Artificial Intelligence and runs only on the Whatsapp platform.

A WhatsApp chatbot communicates with people over text messages, just like you talk to any other person. Generally, it is a set of Automated replies simulating a human-like conversation. 

In the age of the digital world and covid-19, people are forced to stay at their homes and rely on digital services to help them with their daily chores like ordering groceries, making appointments for health checkups, and many others.

There has been a surge in the use of different chat platforms all around the world. Whatsapp alone receives 100 billion messages in a single day.

These estimates have gotten the attention of many businesses and they want to harness this opportunity for their own benefit. 

WhatsApp Chatbot, Good for WhatsApp They already have a plan for enabling businesses to use their platform to serve the general public. WhatsApp Earlier Launched a platform called WhatsApp Business to help businesses connect with their customers on WhatsApp.

Now You’ll ask what is Whatsapp Business, Here you go 

WhatsApp Business AppWhatsApp Chatbot

For businesses, Whatsapp offers an app just like regular Whatsapp, named WhatsApp business App. This app is specifically for businesses and has various business-oriented Features.

It allows businesses to connect with their customers, Feature their products, and enable businesses to provide customer service right in their platform.

Businesses can create a personalized catalog for their customers, showcase their products, and use special features to automate responses to their customers.

Remember these are the most basic features which WhatsApp provides to small businesses. If you want to go a step further, WhatsApp has got you covered too. 

They provide special services to medium and large businesses through WhatsApp APIs.

Remember WhatsApp APIs are not open for anyone to use it, You have to request WhatsApp and have to stand up to their criteria before getting your hands on these. 

Don’t know what’s an API, No problem!

An API  stands for Application Programming Interface, a software intermediary that enables two applications to talk to each other.

Whenever you use an app like Facebook to send an instant message or check the weather on your phone, you’re using an API.

WhatsApp API?

Similarly, Using WhatsApp API, companies can create WhatsApp chatbots for customer service and notification delivery. 

Steps in Developing a WhatsApp Chatbot

Accessing WhatsApp APIs is pretty complicated work. We have garnered three steps guide for people looking up to use these APIs

  • You have to Comply with WhatsApp API regulations

Yeah it seems unfair to talk about reading about those terms and conditions, but following these is necessary as anything outside these regulations, will not be allowed to use WhatsApp API

There are 4 main factors you need Whatsapp considers before handing over their APIs for you to use

Size of your Company

As referenced previously, WhatsApp keeps its API shut and doesn’t offer it to everybody. WhatsApp opened API for medium and huge organizations. It is muddled to get API access for independent companies. 

In any case, it’s not difficult to get an API on the off chance that you are a private company. Your ideal alternative is to contact WhatsApp worldwide business arrangement suppliers. 


WhatsApp also inquires about the  kind of Industry you belong to giving a basic idea, It is very hard to get APIs for  industries related to

  • government, 
  • political organizations, 
  • independent software vendors, 
  • cash industry (gaming, gambling), 
  • adult content, entertainment, 
  • arms, 
  • alcohol, 
  • tobacco,
  • healthcare, 
  • supplements. 

On the other hand, these sectors have a much better chance of getting an API

  • financial services, 
  • retail, 
  • education, 
  • real estate, 
  • telecom

Here’s the link to WhatsApp policy to get a WhatsApp Business Account WhatsApp Commerce Policy

Chatbot’s purpose – WhatsApp Chatbot

To control the use of WhatsApp chatbots to make spambots, which are good for nothing other than to irritate users, Whatsapp made a regulation in which the nature of your chatbot should be disclosed beforehand.

Using WhatsApp chatbot for marketing and promotional notifications is forbidden..

Whatsapp chatbots are suitable for providing customer service and non-promotional services to their users.

Get on to WhatsApp Business App

Register your business on Whatsapp Business App

Now, there are two kinds of business accounts

One is Official WhatsApp Business Account, the one with a green Tick

Another one is A general business account, i.e, without any green Tick

In order for an Enterprise to create a WhatsApp Business account, the steps are very quite clear and simple.

Firstly an individual needs to download the WhatsApp Business application from the respective app store and then register their business account using a UNIQUE phone number.

Once your business account has been set up, you can then try for an official business account. 

Steps to get an official business account: 

  • To begin with, apply for WhatsApp API access through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider 
  • When your WhatsApp Business API access is endorsed, you can connect with your Business Solution Provider to apply for an official business account (green tick) 

Official business account qualification standards by WATI: 

  • You should utilize WhatsApp API Approved Business Account. 
  • You should enable 2 Step Authentication. 
  • Facebook will verify your Facebook Business Manager. If your company doesn’t have one you might wanna reconsider it 
  • Must be a business (Individuals are not permitted as of now). 
  • you should be in Tier 2 or above messaging level. Although it’s not a necessity rather shows you need the green tick
  • Must be a prominent brand.
  • Getting access to WhatsApp API
  • Getting WhatsApp API access is quite a tricky process. There are two ways to get access to WhatsApp API.
  • Partner up with business solution providers: WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp recommends collaborating with a Business Solution Provider. Currently, there are 65 partners.

There are 2 solid reasons to work with WhatsApp partners: WhatsApp Chatbot

  • The chances of obtaining access to WhatsApp APIs increase significantly.
  • The whole process will be completed in 1-4 weeks

API self-request

If you want to save money at the cost of time you can prefer contacting WhatsApp directly to get access to WhatsApp API by filling out the application form.

But please have in mind that WhatsApp prefers to work with businesses through their partners. So, if you persist in taking it upon yourself to get access to the WhatsApp API, just remember that the waiting time could be up to 6 months or more.

You can apply through this form: https://www.facebook.com/business/m/whatsapp/business-api


WhatsApp is a platform that connects billions of users consistently and is presently giving organizations unlimited opportunities for coming to and drawing in with its enormous user base.

With WhatsApp for Business, organizations are currently ready to connect with clients on the stage they love and use through WhatsApp chatbots.

There are numerous restrictions to the WhatsApp platform that you should know prior to beginning WhatsApp chatbot improvement. Building the bot all alone can be precarious and could take a great deal of time. 

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