Chatbot Benefits Are they time-savers or time-consumers

Chatbots: Are they time-savers or time-consumers?

Chatbot Benefits: the technological revolution has brought about immense digitalization and automation. The automation that the customers face is through substituting the customer service executives with AI chatbots.

Chatbots were essentially built to solve and steer through constant customer queries. The customers would no longer have to face long wait times, manual and repetitive tasks, and an unresponsive tone of the conversation from bored executive officials.

But the rapid interest to update to automated customer service often does not serve the customer needs and queries. Which in turn can have a huge impact on the business. Inculcation of a new technological update requires prior research and real problem-solving capability.

An inefficient chatbot would result in months wasted over its planning, functioning and mechanism, and the bad experience that a customer would face can disrupt the trust built so far.

Customers are found leaving the brand after facing any bad customer service experience. Elimination of excessive automation can bring a huge impact on the existing system and customer response.

Here are some automation techniques that should be minimized to bring about an efficient and effective Chatbot Benefits

Should be time-savers and not time-consumers

 According to a survey conducted in April, 97% of the customers used chatbots over emails to solve their queries and doubts. 58% of those who took part in the survey, said that the chatbots did not provide relatable or precise answers while 47% of them complained that the bot took a longer time to process and respond, and had come up with invalid answers.

The reason behind this failure is the restrictive characteristics of the bot technology. The programming is often written in a manner that requires several steps to be followed, before reaching the end goal. And generally, the end goal is not what the customer is looking for. The bots should be trained in a way to effectively communicate and have a responsive display.

Should have real problem-solving capability – Chatbot Benefits

The chatbots have been designed in a way that they could handle and solve first-level questions only. They cannot solve critical and complex queries.

However, they should be structured and optimized efficiently to solve most commonly asked questions in a simple, understandable, and precise answer.

Chatbot Benefits, Chatbots are a powerful tool to know and analyze the customers and their preferences. It can collect details, patterns and relevant keywords searched.

This valuable data should be used to improvise and update the existing system. Regular updates on the existing system are the key to perfection.

Remove fragmented experience

Avoid numerous chatbots for numerous problems. The availability of several sections for different queries leads to confusion in the mind of the customers.

The customers aren’t likely to spend much time deciding over which option to choose to get the best answer. Since the selection of answers will be limited, companies should focus on providing plenty, accurate yet crisp answers. The simple and easy interface of the chatbots is appreciated by the customers.

Availability of several mediums – Chatbot Benefits

 With the type of business or company, the needs of customers vary. So availability of various mediums to resolve the issues should be there.

Like minor queries and extended details on specific services, tracking shipment or refund and return policies could be resolved in text, but a piece of detailed information on a package ordered a month ago or unexpected quality decline in the product would require a call to be sorted.

Only text-based chatbots would become monotonous and provide generic responses to a specific query.

While only a calling-based option for customer service would be programmed with responses that would thank the customers profusely and add “Can I be of any other service?”, while it has not been of any help yet. So an ideal mixture would have both the options available, and the customers can choose according to their need and urgency.

Collaboration of chatbots with human agents

While chatbots act as a face of the company and sole representative to the customers, it is essential to build the face right.

Not every answer can be effectively answered by chatbots. There should be human customer executives to understand and cater ultimate solutions to complex and critical problems.

The customer interface should not wipe out the human race. The problems which are arising from humans need a human solution too.

Avoid aggressive marketing

Chatbots are a wonderful tool for promotion. The chatbots can send push notifications and create gentle reminders about upcoming events, sales, or discounts.

These are a good way to promote sales and create brand awareness. But they can be annoying if the chatbots go overboard with the notifications.

The companies often view this as an opportunity to reach their audience and have the tendency to overdo it. If at any instance, the chatbots irritate the customers with their superfluous information, the customers might turn off the notifications which will result in loss of contact. Hence, the right amount in the right place will take the sales graph high.


Chatbot Benefits, The chatbots have been essentially built to reduce the costs on human customer executives and provide unbiased repetitive answers to similar questions.

It would also save both the time and energy of the resources and can be deviated elsewhere productively. An efficient bot should answer the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in a precise format and collect feedback for improvisation and revision. Automation even offers personalization and customization.

And if used effectively, can suggest similar products to boost sales. The elimination of excessive automation like long procedures, generic answers, limitation of texts, and aggressive marketing is a way to build good customer service through chatbots.

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