how chatbots are beneficial in art and crafts business customer support chatbot

How Chatbots are beneficial in Art and Crafts Business

Customer Support Chatbot: Chatbots are a great tool that can be used for communication with users. There are various types of chatbots available but the most efficient one would be the AI integrated chatbot. These AI integrated chatbots are so efficient because they work independently and give the best answers

Customer Support Chatbot- What’s the Importance of Chatbots?

In the line of arts and crafts, the customers or possible customers might have a lot of questions regarding the product, history, or the design. These questions are important but reaching out to customer support directly may seem illogical, but for the customer, this information and knowledge are crucial and important before purchasing a product. 

The customer might access the internet and search for the required information and while searching for it they might stumble upon a different site selling the same product and may purchase the product from a different site. Customer Support Chatbot, This way your business can lose out on lots of customers.

To help solve this issue you can add a chatbot. When a customer visits your site these chatbots send a text message to the customers asking if they need help with anything. The customer can ask for details and other information and chatbots will provide them with necessary information without promoting products from any other website.

There are many other benefits of using chatbots while dealing with the Art and Crafts business, here are some of those.

  • Exciting Notifications

Users install an application or log in to a website and forget to check back or may not come back to make another purchase. One good way to bring traffic to your business is through sending updates and promotional offers through the messaging application.

These messages should trigger the impulsive buyer inside the customer and if they end up adding a few items in cart, there is a good chance that they will purchase them as well. If customers delay a purchase the messages will make them keep coming back and they will get used to the app. So sooner or later they will come back and buy their necessities along with some other items. 

  • Customer assistance

While shopping for art and craft customers might be confused about the purchase and how it would go about in their room. They might need assistance and chatbots are the perfect tools they can reach out to.

These chatbots can suggest a combination of products that will go well and can also suggest a good background or a place for the product. 

  • 24/7 Availability

One common problem that customers face is the unavailability of customer support. The company or the business might be located in a different time zone or might have a holiday at that particular time.

There can be a hundred reasons for customer support not reaching out to customers when requested. Chatbots, on the other hand, are up and working 24/7 and 365 days. Chatbots help in serving customers and keeps the customers satisfied with the service. 

  • Give insights

Chatbots are equipped with code that collects insights from customers. These chatbots collect information like what are the frequently asked questions, how many uses actually follow up on the messages and make a purchase, where are most of the customers located, what is the peak time for customer traffic, and much more.

This information can be used to deal with other problematic issues and to hence to increase sales.

  • Repeat purchase or help in exchange

AI integrated chatbots are smart and suggest similar products or show if the product is available in different colors or styles. There might be an artifact that customer has purchased recently but they may not find it in the search or explore page.

You can open the chatbox and add a picture of the product you are looking for. The chatbot scans the inventory for similar products and shows all the available products. This is a great way to search for products and using the chatbot helps in saving time. 


Chatbots are extremely helpful in any kind of business but selecting the right chatbot matters. YUBO is one of the most powerful AI integrated chatbot which helps you in ways that you might have never imagined.

YUBO comes with benefits that are suitable for all kinds of business and the best thing about YUBO is that it is efficient and affordable. Click here to visit our site because we will be more than happy to get in touch with you. 

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