How Chatbots are Beneficial in Education Sector In India?

How Chatbots are Beneficial in Education Sector In India?

Chatbots in Education: Today, every organization depends on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for efficient service delivery and cost-effective application of technological resources.

With a growing preference towards faster services and acceptance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tools in business operations globally as well as in India.

The global Chatbot market goes to accelerate within the next decade. In the time of AI, the Chatbot marketplace is witnessing remarkable growth with the increased as required for smartphones and increased use of messaging applications.

In the past few years, the food delivery business, finance, and therefore the E-commerce industry have embraced Chatbot technology.

  • The learner-centered education system was an upgrade from the traditional education system that was tutor centered.
  • Betterment in the education sector is necessary to adapt to evolving lifestyles, economy, technology, and student’s needs.
  • Also, the increased scarcity of teachers in the education system has made the integration of advanced technology in our education system essential.
  • Research designates that Chatbots will help in solving some of the current challenges facing the education sector.

Chatbots in Education – What is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) based software program that can simulate a conversation with the user using natural language through messaging platforms, phone applications, and websites.

Users combine with Chatbots that have a conversational user interface (CUI), which permits users to interact with the bot.

This means that the users don’t need to download any applications onto their devices or launch any specific applications. CUI is intuitive and easy to use.

Usage of Chatbots in India

Innovation is required in a developing country like India, to develop quality education and make a workforce to compete globally. India has widely embraced the utilization of Chatbots in various sectors and it’s a key player within the Chatbot market.

The Chatbots in education destined dissimilar tasks such as:

  1. Handling FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  2. Administrative and Management Tasks
  3. Student Mentoring
  4. Student Learning Assessments
  5. Simulations
  6. Training specific Skills and Abilities

AI-bot for the Educational System – Chatbots in Education

Chatbots have been in use for educational purposes for quite some time. These Chatbots can be categorized into those with education intentionality and those without.

Chatbots without education intentionality is used in administrative tasks such as student guidance and assistance.

Chatbots with education intentionality are used in fostering teaching and learning. Within this category, there are Chatbots which provide the framework of the learning process, that is, select and arrange contents to fit the students’ needs and speed, and help in reflection and learning motivation. These bots act as a learning companion that provides dialogue, collaboration, and reflection.

Chatbots increase conversation learning as it is based upon a talkative exchange between the bot and the student. the interplay between the Chatbot and the student includes the following elements: initiation, response, and feedback.

The Chatbot initiates the conversation by asking questions and supported the response the scholar gives, the Chatbot provides feedback.

Technological advancement has enabled organizations to conduct their daily businesses effectively and efficiently.

Information and communication technology has been adopted to facilitate effective and timely delivery of services in different public and private sections in India including higher education.

It has been established that Chatbot development can improve learning, communication, and productivity, as well as provide efficient teaching assistance and minimize ambiguity.

Hence, this study points to establishing the factors which affect the acceptance of Chatbot technology to enhance the student experience in the Indian higher education sector.

The Most Likely Predicted Use Cases for Chatbots

On the most likely predicted use cases for Chatbots in the educational institute, 10.6% of the respondents indicated that Chatbots are used for tutoring, 48.9% for learning feedback, 68.1% for paying fees, 68.1% for being more convenient than other methods of communication, 76.6% for resolving a problem, and 51.1% of the students indicated that the most likely predicted use cases for Chatbots in the educational institute is for getting a quick answer.

The results indicate that a Chatbot is most likely used by students in resolving a problem as well as due to its convenience in comparison to other communication methods.

Barriers to Using Chatbots as Compared to Other Methods

On the barriers to using Chatbots compared to other methods of communication, 21.3% of the students indicated that Chatbots had limited intelligence and hence were not suitable for solving issues, 63.8% preferred to use a traditional website.

because it is simpler to use than Chatbots, 55.3% preferred to affect real assistants (personal Touch), 66% risked losing personal information (privacy issues), and 77.8% were worried about receiving incorrect advice.

The best Chatbot Platform?

There are many chatbot building platforms within the market at the instant. However, choosing the foremost relevant and accurate one for you is vital.

Whether you desire a chatbot for an institute or a college, an educational chatbot has to be different from a regular B2C chatbot.

HelloYubo Chatbot for Education is dedicated to students, teachers, administrations, and the entire education industry across the globe.

It can’t only help students learn online but teachers can get assistance within the evaluation, grading, and student feedback collection.

Their chatbots are designed to engage students with different media to take a break from heavy text-based messages and enjoy some graphically pleasing learning content.

This doesn’t only increase the potential to find out quickly but develops an interest within the longer run.


This article aimed to establish the factors which affect the adoption of Chatbot technology to enhance the student experience in the Indian education sector.

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