How Chatbots are beneficial in travel company Business

How Chatbots are beneficial in travel company Business?

Chatbots for Travel Business: One of the profitable and successful business sectors all over the world is the travel business. The travel business is growing rapidly for the past few years and as the revenue generated by them.

Not like before traveling has become easier now by the various advancements and technology changes made in the travel business.

Chatbots for Travel Business, People use to spend more time booking for traveling like mode of transport, hotels, and check-ins and want to plan in their budget.

For planning those things, they contact travel companies by making a phone call or reaching their office. Even now they contact travel companies but they don’t want to follow olden techniques.

Chatbots are nothing but a software application which imitates the works of humans. But they are not designed to completely replace humans rather they are created to handle more work than humans do.

Chatbots provide personalized customer experience to the users booking online and thereby helps travel businesses to operate 24*7. Chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interact with humans in many different languages which they prefer to use.

There are a lot of irrelevant options in the travel booking business and people find it difficult to find the right and suitable deal. Online travel companies make it easier for users to plan their bookings. 

How chatbots can be used in a travel company

Reservation agent

Before it’s most important to hire a person for the work of ticket and hotel reservation. But now chatbots can make hotel reservations, book airline tickets online.

It will give us the vacation packages which contain the price, type, location where people want to stay, which people can make use of, and plan their budget accordingly. 

Online Travel assistant 

People need a local guide when they are visiting some new place who can guide them in that locality. Chatbots can act as a local travel assistant which will provide details about which restaurants they should try, which places they must visit in the city/ country, people will surely use this feature to make the worth of their visit. Chatbots can use NLP to translate the local language to the person’s known language.       

How to develop a chatbot

Before knowing about the benefits of chatbots in the travel industry it’s important to know about the things to be taken care of to get more benefits.

 Chatbot Type

Choosing the chatbot type will surely be the most important factor to know before thinking about benefits. This decides how people will get solved to their queries. Rule basic and AI chatbots are there and each functions some slight differences.

Because rule basic follows the programmed rule but AI can solve queries on themselves from learning past experiences.

Chatbot Channels 

Nowadays more bookings in Travel companies are made through online messaging than over the phone. After the introduction of chatbots in the travel business, people make their booking and want to get answers to their queries through message.

There are a lot of messaging types through which you can reach people and they are FB messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. choose which channel you need to place your chatbot wisely.

Chatbot benefits in the travel industry business

Customer support 24*7

The main purpose why chatbots are mainly designed is to work 24*7 without any break. Like other businesses, chatbots provide great help to travel companies too.

Maybe your customer is booking from a different time zone and they want to make it instantly then it will be possible only by a chatbot.

Gathering data 

Every business will gather customer data for future targeting purposes. Chatbots will collect data from the website and store it in a short time. This data is used for retargeting on Facebook and many other social platforms.

Saves time for answering a customer query

Customers will consult support services for their queries and know about the frequently asked questions. If an n-number of customers approach the support service at a time people may find it difficult to answer them instantly. A chatbot can overcome this by answering all inquiries at a time and thereby saves time.


Using the data gathered chatbots can share traveling recommendations to the people which will inspire them to know more about the message. It will attract many new customers to use your product.

 Improve engagement

There are a lot of travel companies that people overcome and use. But the companies which make good engagement with customers will gain more profits. A chatbot can provide relevant offers to customers that will create more engagement rates and make your company valuable among customers.

Make more revenues

In business making awareness about your product/ service to people is not more difficult. But converting people into your customer needs more time and chatbot can make it happen.


Using chatbot in the travel business will increase engagement with your brand and also you can give good customer experience to people. Thereby you can save money spending on people and can increase sales.

YUBO is one of the best chatbot services available in the market which provides good customer services to travel business. YUBO not only provides support to travel businesses but also to all kinds of businesses.

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