Top 10 Use Cases for WhatsApp Chatbot in Edtech- 2021

Top 10 Use Cases for WhatsApp Chatbot in Edtech- 2021

WhatsApp Chatbot in Edtech: Institutes must have a strategy in place to meet students there as education moves online. The solution they are searching for is a WhatsApp Chatbot for Edtech. When it comes to automating corporate processes and services, chatbots are a natural solution.

Due to its large user base and the control and legitimacy offered by the WhatsApp Business API, the WhatsApp chatbot is gaining a lot of deserved attention. In such a situation, it’s only natural to wonder if WhatsApp chatbots will have any impact on the Edtech business. And, if that’s the case, what would be the consequences?

Cases in which WhatsApp chatbots have been used in edtech 

To comprehend the consequences, we must first comprehend the existing and potential uses of WhatsApp Chatbots in the Edtech business. 

1. Generating leads – WhatsApp Chatbot in Edtech 

People still prefer the good old ways of having the phone number of the person or institution they are working with, despite the fact that the online world is full of scammers.

One-on-one conversations between institutions and students/parents can be extremely beneficial in terms of generating leads. Students who are diverted to WhatsApp chats are giving the institution their phone numbers.

Furthermore, due to its higher acceptance than other methods such as email and SMS, WhatsApp keeps them updated significantly more frequently. This assures that not only is the message delivered, but it is also read. 

WhatsApp also checks the institute, guaranteeing that the lead is conversing with a real person on the other end of the line. 

The WhatsApp chatbot platform is a good choice because it provides quick answers and transfers the conversation to a human agent when the questions become more complex.

2. Qualification of the lead 

The next thing an Edtech WhatsApp conversation bot can perform for you is to qualify that lead after it has been produced. 

Forms are commonly used by organizations to collect information from users and determine whether or not they meet a consumer profile. Chatbots may take this information and qualify leads while offering a very user-friendly interface. 

3. Communication that is proactive 

There can be instances when even the best prospects are not ready to proceed with a business venture. There could be numerous explanations for this.

That isn’t to say that a company should abandon its efforts; there is always the possibility of a future conversion. Your course is the key to keeping users interested even if they aren’t ready to sign up. 

Many institutes are being considered by parents and students at the same time. You may engage them by sharing valuable content on a regular basis to assist them make a decision. By staying in touch, you show your prospects that you care about them and establish trust.

4. Customer retention and relationship management are also important factors to consider. 

The quality of a company’s customer service is the most important factor in determining client retention. Student retention can be aided with WhatsApp chatbots for Edtech, which make it easier for students to ask questions and make schools appear more accessible. 

5. Re-engagement – WhatsApp Chatbot in Edtech

The biggest blunder an Edtech company can make is to forget about its students once they’ve finished their course. Their accomplishments may also represent the school institution’s quality.

They can re-enroll in another course, assist new students in enrolling in your courses, and provide feedback because there are so many talents to acquire today.

Institutions can assist older members by sending placement updates and upskilling material on a regular basis. They can fall back on word-of-mouth recommendations, which are far more credible than paid marketing. 

6. Application, registration, and enrolment procedures – WhatsApp Chatbot in Edtech

In the learning and development industry, WhatsApp Chatbots can assist students in applying for courses without encountering numerous barriers.

Institutes can utilize it in the future to keep them updated on any changes to their applications. They can also use such bots to perform preliminary screenings.

Registration and enrollment via websites and offline ways can be a time-consuming process, particularly for beginners. 

For submitting paperwork and completing enrollment, WhatsApp chatbots for Edtech can give a more user-friendly interface.

7. Student support services and frequently asked questions 

Being frank and transparent with all relevant facts is the best approach to avoid any confusion. While FAQs are always a good way to keep students informed, an interactive WhatsApp chatbot for Education can improve student support services even further.

8. Notifications and announcements 

WhatsApp is an excellent tool to publicize any event. Such information is easily shared by students with others in their social circle. 

This isn’t just about events. When conducting business online, institutions must make a number of hasty and last-minute decisions.

These clubs can utilize a WhatsApp Edtech chatbot to build groups where club members can talk about upcoming activities. They can utilize WhatsApp to send group members updates and interactive notifications.

9. Clubs and extracurricular activities 

Extracurricular clubs are a prevalent component in schools and colleges. 

Students are always enthralled by group activities and challenges that force them to break out from their usual routines.

These clubs can utilize a WhatsApp Edtech chatbot to build groups where club members can talk about upcoming activities. They can utilize WhatsApp to send group members updates and interactive notifications.

10. Registrations, signups, and cancellations 

Chatbots for schools and other educational institutions can not only assist with announcements, but also with seating reservations. Students can sign up by immediately providing their information to the bot. The WhatsApp bot can even send them reminders about it. 

  • Wrap up 

The world has progressed beyond pen and paper, and it is unlikely to revert. With education increasingly moving online, educational institutions must find a way to connect with students there. WhatsApp, with its widespread use and user-friendly UI, is capable of doing just that.

Businesses all across the world have realized this and are now taking steps to address it. They recognize that the digital revolution will completely transform schooling.

WhatsApp will be a critical enabler in this process. So, if you’re interested in having a chatbot for your business, there’s no better moment than now, and no better platform than WhatsApp.

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