Top 5 AI-based creative writing tool for freelance writers

Top 5 AI-based creative writing tools for freelance writers

AI writing tool: Content has become the backbone of digital marketing in past few years. Every web owner or digital marketer is always in a need of new and engaging content to get maximum leads.

Freelance writing is a new job profession that came into happening due to this immense need for fresh and unique content. Thousands of people are working as freelance or ghostwriters from all over the world daily.

By working as freelance writers, they can sell their services and earn a handsome livelihood. It gives a sense of own business and one can do it without time or space restriction.

The primary key to being a successful freelancer is to follow the guidelines properly and deliver your work in time. 

AI writing tool – Why freelance writing has become popular?

As we have discussed that content is the backbone of every digital asset. Therefore, every person is looking for a writer.

Due to immense pandemic conditions around the world in the recent few years, every person wants to work from his comfort zone. Similarly, a writer wants to work from his place instead of traveling to another city or country.

That is why freelance writing has become popular. According to a rough estimation, there are more than 5 million freelance writers available on the internet.

How to work as a freelance writer?

First of all, you should learn the basics of freelancing and writing too. It will help you to tackle different conditions that will come your way.

After this, you can search for new customers on different social media platforms. Many of us think that social networking websites are only used for fun and entertainment.

It is not the right conception because a huge number of people are looking for employers on such platforms. In simple words, you can connect with many professionals over such platforms similarly as you are interacting with your friends. 

This is a little bit risky sometimes as it might possible you encounter a scammer there. You have to be a little bit clever while dealing with someone for a project.

There are also several marketplaces available online from where you can get a project being a freelance writer. You only have to understand the working and interface of the platform to work with it.  

As compared to social platforms, this channel will be authentic to some extent. It is because the platform gives you the surety of your money when your work has been accepted.

For their services, a minor percentage of your earnings will be deducted by the platform. In this way, you can get hired by someone as a freelance writer.

How to be successful in the freelance writing field?

Freelance writing is not a piece of cake even you are very native in a language. There are always possibilities of polishing the work from time to time.

If you do not focus on these facts, your work would be the same and lose interest. As a result, you would not be able to engage the visitors and your job would look dull.

It is not possible for a person to check his work thoroughly again and again and then make changes to create a perfect-looking blog. It may consume a lot of time and you would face a delay in completing your pending projects.

To overcome this miserable situation, several IA-based tools are available online that help a freelance writer add to make his writing look engaging. You can use them and benefit yourself by polishing your content.

Best AI-based tools for creative content writing AI writing tool

There are several AI tools that may help you in different categories. After comprehensive research, we have made the list of the 5 best tools that will assist you in creative content writing. 

  1. Paraphrasing tool 
Top 5 AI-based creative writing tools for freelance writers

When you have to write a lot of blogs or articles daily, you face plagiarism issues for sure. This is a big problem and sometimes because of the burden of the work you have no idea how to fix it as you can’t even remember synonyms.

Due to a shortage of time, you can’t even search synonyms one by one and then change the words to get plagiarism-free content.

Prepostseo has a bunch of useful tools for creative writing. Its paraphrasing tool can help you to get rid of this issue. You can simply paste the content and paraphrase it. In this way, you can get a whole unique content within seconds and present it in time.

This tool is not paid and you can use it for free to get unique content. Its interface is also very simple and you can easily use it without learning specifically.

  1. Online notepad
Top 5 AI-based creative writing tools for freelance writers

Being a freelance creative writer, it is not necessary that you can write only when you are sitting in front of your laptop. It might possible you are traveling and hit an idea about your project.

At that time, you would need a tool where you can compose all your ideas and thoughts you just discovered. 

An online notepad can do this job for you to get work done at any time. Online notepad by is such a blessing for you in this situation.

This notepad is very useful due to the many features it offers. You can write anything you just think of sitting anywhere even on your mobile phone. From a line to a full blog, you can quickly draft it, then save it in its database. 

You can download or copy your work from this tool and then deliver it to your customer after adding some editing. 

You can not only type in it but also can check grammar mistakes or plagiarism by using the options available in it. 

This free tool also has many other exciting features which can help you write creative content as a freelancer. 

  1. Plagiarism checker 
Top 5 AI-based creative writing tool for freelance writers

Thousands of web pages are added to the internet regularly. Most of the writers are writing on almost similar topics. This has increased the chances of plagiarism to a great extent.

It might possible you are not copying someone’s content but unintentionally you are writing things someone has already written.

It is also possible that you have written many blogs on a single topic and now your lines are repeating. This is also caused plagiarism in your content.

Posting or delivering plagiarised content can cost you badly. Although you did not copy if you deliver content with plagiarism, it will affect your portfolio.

In this situation, plagiarism checker by soft is the best tool to check whether your content is unique or has some issues. It will deep check your content and compare it with the web pages available on the database. 

The lines will be highlighted where the tool will detect any duplicating issues. You can then use any paraphrasing tool to make your blogs unique and engaging.

  1. Article Rewriter
Top 5 AI-based creative writing tools for freelance writers

Article rewriter tool by rewriteguru is also an AI-based tool that is very helpful for creative writing. Its additional feature is you can get benefits even if you are writing in a language other than English.

This tool offers to paraphrase for the blogs written in five different languages. You can also choose between three different types of results. 

A little bit disadvantage of this tool is you are required to register yourself before using it. There are also different ad banners you can see on its screen as well. 

  1. Writesonic – AI writing tool
Top 5 AI-based creative writing tool for freelance writers

When it comes to writing a sales copy for any business, you might need to be more creative. Being a content writer, it is hard to handle such conditions because you have to think out of the box for some appealing words.

Without writing an engaging sales copy, you won’t be able to get success in this field. Writesonic is a good choice when you are looking to generate such content.

It is a copywriting tool that will let you generate unique and engaging content for any business or product. With the help of this tool, you can complete work of hours into minutes.

To some extent, this tool has helped creative writers a lot in their business and in tackling multiple problems. The only issue with this tool is the unavailability of a free version.

Yes, you have to buy its subscription if you are looking to be more creative without investing your time and hard work.


It has become essential to use IA-based tools to get creative and engaging content that can generate leads. We have combined the top five necessary IA-based tools for you in a single article that can minimize your efforts and give you the best unique content.

You can use these tools to complete your task within the deadlines and can have a polished copy of the content in no time.

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