Why you Should Implement Chatbots in Recruitment

Why you Should Implement Chatbots in Recruitment?

Chatbots in Recruitment: There’s no doubt in saying that the trickiest task is to search for an ideal candidate from lots of job applications. In order to hire the best candidate, recruiters have to complete numerous tasks.

This task list incorporates several tasks such as developing proper recruitment strategies, communicating regularly with candidates and much more. 

Nothing can be much better than recruitment chatbots! Many studies have shown that the utilization of chatbots had increased over the last few years. 

In this post, we will see how chatbots have improved the overall experience of hiring and the reasons recruiters must include chatbots in the process of their recruiting. Let’s get started with it! Happy Reading!

What is a Recruitment Chatbot?

A recruitment chatbot no doubt is the dream assistant of HR managers. It’s the conversational interface that can carry out basic procedures by utilizing AI and ML. 

This can be simple as helping the recruiters in knowing the number of interviews they had conducted to anything more complex such as setting up an interview with a candidate. 

Recruitment chatbots had reduced the workload for a large number of recruiters. At every stage of recruitment, chatbots have eased the task of recruiters as well as helped recruiters in creating a personalized recruiting experience. 

Benefits of Using Recruitment Chatbots 

  • Available round the clock
  • Responds instantly to any query 
  • Saves time as well as money
  • Handles numerous requests from applicants 
  • Available across numerous messaging channels such as messenger, SMS, slacks and so on
  • Frees up the HR personnel time

Effective Application Process – Chatbots in Recruitment

From sourcing to the stage of onboarding, chatbots are considered resourceful assistants in making the overall process much effective. Chatbots can automate repetitive tasks such as parsing resumes, conducting follow-ups of candidates, scheduling interviews and so on. 

In fact, chatbots help the recruiters to concentrate both on hiring the correct talent in a small duration of time as well as in lowering the costs. 

Increase Candidate Touchpoints and Enhance Candidates Experience

Communicating with candidates continuously is very difficult for recruiters when it’s about high volume hiring. For assisting the recruiters in searching, hiring as well as communicating with new talent, chatbots are considered as an ideal option. 

24*7 support provided by chatbots has the power to create a better impression in the complete recruitment process. Research has shown that approximately 74% of candidates end the application process in the middle due to irregular communication. 

However, if there will be a chatbot that can interact with candidates regularly then such a situation no doubt can be controlled to a great extent. 

Transparency in Overall Hiring Process

The case in the traditional hiring model is that once the candidate has finally submitted the job application, they are left clueless regarding the application status due to limited communication. Also, it’s not at all simple for recruiters to get in touch with every candidate for providing feedback repeatedly on the job application. 

But, the good news is that chatbots can help in this situation by being available all the time, providing proper feedback as well as automated updates to all the candidates. 

So, this in turn makes the entire hiring process transparent to candidates as well as minimizes the recruiter’s efforts. 

Build Stronger Employer brand Chatbots in Recruitment

An application process that is transparent and where there is 24*7 support creates a good impression regarding the company in the eyes of candidates. No doubt, candidates prefer to work in such types of organizations. 

Implementing the chatbot will leave a great impact on the employer brand. It doesn’t matter what’s the response from a recruiter’s side, if candidates receive updates timely then it will make them feel that the company values its employees. 

Facts Regarding Using the Recruitment Chatbot

  • Chatbots make use of machine learning as well as natural language processing for responding to messages
  • They help recruiters by collecting information on candidates, answer FAQs, schedule interviews, manage communication with candidates
  • 66% of candidates feel comfortable in interacting with the chatbot 
  • The chatbot can automate around 70-80% of recruiting activities

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about implementing chatbots in recruitment. 

Chatbots help save recruiters time in screening candidates. No doubt they are quick and simple to build thus starts collecting candidates’ insights quickly. 

However, chatbots must not be considered as the replacement for humans. Make use of chatbots as part of your recruitment strategy and it will surely help you in providing a positive candidate experience along with hiring good candidates for your organization. 

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