Best Chatbot for Woocommerce Marketing Strategy for your Online Store

WooCommerce Chatbot: An integrated marketing strategy for your online store

Best Chatbot for Woocommerce: In recent times there has been a surge in the number of eCommerce websites on the internet.

These websites sell everything from a baby’s diaper to a car’s electronic exhaust system.

In such a competitive market, to stand out you need to have an edge over your competitors.

From having a great website speed(or very less loading time) to helping your customer with each and every query they have about the product they want at every stage is a must. 

Not many websites are using technologies for their benefit because of one or the other reason. These so-called “Money saving techniques” are hitting these small websites very hard as the major players are doing all in their power to retain their customers.

To help you catch up with them, here’s a piece of technology I’m proposing to you. 

You must have heard of the term chatbots or conversational chatbots or Virtual assistant, but what you might not know is the capabilities it has and the kind of effect they will have on your user’s buying experience

Let’s have a look at the edge you will have by having an integrated chatbot on your E-commerce website – The best Chatbot for Woocommerce

1. E-commerce chatbots can take over repetitive mechanical tasks

Customer Service isn’t just about selling and about counseling on the product. 

All the time, clients contact the business to pose one or the other regular inquiries. 

Where is the closest store? What are your discount terms? What are your working hours? When will my request be conveyed? Etc. 

The majority of such inquiries require looking into the data and giving it to the client. 

Or on the other hand, if there arises an occurrence of a request following, just compose the request number in a particular field. Why not dole out it to a chatbot? 

An appropriate Artificial chatbot can without much of a stretch take over such tasks mitigating the staff for more muddled work. 

Furthermore, the online business can save costs thusly, by lessening the low-talented positions and supplanting them with chatbots. 

For the client, the advantage is in the expanded comfort. 

Envision an effective deal with the client paying for the buy and orchestrating the conveyance. 

You can send them the following number through the chatbot and furthermore incorporate the Track your shipment connect directly under it. 

Think of the number of individuals wanting to follow their bundle and would duplicate the following number, close the courier, open the application or site, discover the following page, and glue the number there. 

We wager 100% of your customers would utilize the following alternative right inside the chatbot. 

Also, in the event that they need to review it several days after the fact, they will most presumably open the courier once more, as they can discover everything in a similar spot there. 

Obviously, you ought to furthermore relegate staff to these administrations also. By and large, your clients will be happy with the data given by the chatbot. 

Notwithstanding, such issues as postponed or erroneous conveyance ought to be dealt with by human administrators who will give fast and viable arrangements.

Best Chatbot for Woocommerce

2. Chatbots offer new upselling possibilities – Best Chatbot for Woocommerce

One of the key points of chatbots is the customized way to deal with the client. Consequently, chatbot reconciliation permits explicit upselling choices. 

In the event that a client made a buy or looked for a specific item by means of the chatbot, you can utilize this channel to recommend some coordinating or supplementing things later. 

For instance, if your client purchased an attire, suggest some coordinating extras dependent on the client’s decision. 

Clients are probably going to value this customized approach, as well. 

For sure, it is considerably more speaking to get offers made “only for you” than the standard thing “mass bombarding” messages promoting the items won’t be needed. 

Obviously, such a technique can build the likelihood of procurement, as the client will be more averse to excuse this offer. 

Chatbots can assist with increasing deserted cart recovery 

Integration of chatbots into your web-based business stage gives another extraordinary chance – helping clients to remember the things in their shopping baskets. 

Obviously, you can likewise send an update by means of email. But, it is bound to be ignored as “one more spam”. 

An individual message from a chatbot, then again, has more opportunities to draw in the client’s consideration and urge them to check their shopping basket. 

Regardless of whether the client, ultimately, chooses to purge the truck and drop the buy, quite possibly they peruse the stock some more and, perhaps, pick an alternate thing. 

Along these lines, chatbot coordination permits decreasing cart abandonment at much lower costs than messaging. 

Chatbots create user curiosity – Best Chatbot for Woocommerce

Chatbots add another perspective to internet business and make a striking client experience.

Also, chatbots can uphold incorporation with other cutting-edge innovations, for example, Augmented reality. 

In this way, clients are regularly inquisitive to investigate another chatbot to perceive what it has to bring to the table. 

At the point when a garment or brand uses a chatbot, numerous clients would need to know whether it permits virtual attempts too. 

Then again, when another lodging or taxi chatbot shows up, the clients are interested in whether it perceives human discourse or simply works with pre-modified alternatives. 

Does it communicate in my language? Would I be able to transfer my photograph? Will it recommend a vehicle rental along with the inn? 

By needing to understand what another chatbot can do, clients will investigate it and, if the chatbot’s usefulness is truly viable and connecting with it, the odds of client change.

Best Chatbot for Woocommerce

3. Chatbot integration allows reducing response time – Best Chatbot for Woocommerce

Normally, when a client makes a request, they anticipate a brief answer, ideally – quick. 

With calls and messages, the holding up time may extend very long, as while calling, you are probably going to be compelled to tune in to a ton of guidelines and limited-time material and afterward be moved. 

Messages can take significantly more, as they frequently rely upon the working hours of the customer service faculty. 

Chatbots appear to be an ideal answer to this issue. 

They are intended to address clients’ inquiries. Subsequently, you may hope to get an answer right away. 

Obviously, this makes a positive client experience and makes them need to investigate the chatbot and the connected capacities in more detail. 

Also, snappy and effective assistance prompts a higher change rate, implying that the clients are significantly more prone to finish the buy. 

4. Chatbots are very well suited to integration with other technologies – Best Chatbot for Woocommerce

New advancements and features show up seamlessly, and the internet business area is consistently keeping watch for potential methods of their incorporation. 

Such incredible innovations such as Augmented reality, expanded reality, and face acknowledgment, notwithstanding their utilization in numerous different businesses, have ended up being significant elements that can make extraordinary shopping encounters. 

By executing a chatbot coordinated with a reality include, you get the quick acknowledgment and the upper hand. 

Augmented reality can carry unmistakable enhanced design or magnificence brands empowering virtual attempts on. 

5. Chatbots can use existing messenger platforms – Best Chatbot for Woocommerce

Here, we’d preferably say that chatbots utilize the already established channels of correspondence with the client. 

In fact, no one makes a Facebook account and introduces Messenger just to converse with chatbots. 

Despite what might be expected, we utilize these platforms to associate, to be in contact with companions and family members, to learn news, and to get amusement. 

Chatbots enter our space effectively, as they require positively no extra exertion. 

To begin conversing with an online business chatbot, you don’t have to introduce an application, open a site, or make a record. You simply peruse your number one informal community. 

Take, for example, A cake service where you can arrange cakes to be delivered to somebody you care about. 

Suppose, you have never utilized the help and need to understand others’ opinions about it. 

You locate the cake service page on Facebook to peruse the remarks, and not too far off you see the Send Message button under which the chatbot stows away. 

Not long after opening the page, you would already be able to begin exploring various items. 

For clients, visiting with a chatbot implies that they don’t need to leave their standard climate while getting the business administration. 

For the business, the advantage of chatbot coordination is in the effectiveness of arriving at new clients – they can exploit the current courier foundation and the client crowd.

HelloYubo chatbot: A plug-and-play chatbot

While choosing a chatbot, you should always choose a chatbot that can provide the quality of service you are looking for with the ease of setting it up even without any technical expertise.

HelloYubo is a plug and plays chatbot service that is highly competent and intelligent and can converse with your customers of any background or ethnicity as the chatbot can converse with the users in 50+ languages including Hindi, English, and 9 other major Indian languages. A few other features are –

  1. Integrating the Yubo chatbot in your website is child’s play. It becomes intelligent about your business in few minutes and maintaining it further is easier.
  2. Yubo supports an impressive list of 50+ languages with the capability of hopping between these languages instantaneously in the same session of the chat.
  3. Yubo compliments your digital ad campaigns, enables better RoI, and provides you an edge over your competitors. Contact us now to understand a deeper insight.
  4. Yubo is equipped with an agent interface enabling your staff to keep a watch on any ongoing communication and take or give control to Yubo as per the need.

So If you have any queries regarding chatbot integration or for that purpose HelloYubo, Please feel free to connect

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