How to Integrate Live Chat on your Website?

How to Integrate Live Chat on your Website?

You own a company and maintain a website. 

Now that you’ve added a live chat function and decreased your customer service response time from 17 hours to only 2, you want to take your business to the next level. 

However, how can you add one to your website? 

integrate live chat - how add to your website

You are in the appropriate place. 

With our assistance, you’ll learn how to integrate live chat into a website rapidly. 

You can immediately begin taking advantage of all of its benefits in this way. 

What does customer support live chat entail? 

Businesses can provide real-time customer service through live chat by using a chat application. 

Because chat is one-on-one, convenient, and real-time, more customers choose it over email or phone when they need to contact you or have a question. 

Customers expect to be able to visit a company’s website and initiate a chat using a website chat widget should they need to contact a firm. 

The advantages of including live chat on a website include: 

● When interacting with businesses, live chat is used by about 85% of clients with satisfaction, which can enhance client satisfaction. 

● According to a survey, customers who engage in live chat with a company’s website are about three times more likely to purchase than those who do not.

● You can improve your conversion rates by doing this. Additionally, they often spend between 10 and 15 percent more than non-live chat users. 

● A whopping 79 percent of companies claim that live chat increases revenue, sales, and customer loyalty. 

Integrate Live ChatTools for Live Chat on Websites for Free 

tools for live chat on websites for free

Here are the resources available to organizations for integrating live chat capabilities into their 

● Website Chat Widget – This website’s chat window is located in the bottom right corner. 

● Responsive OmniChat: A web chat application that accommodates a user’s favorite messaging platform, such as Facebook Messenger or native web chat (no login required). 

● Chatbot to Direct Issues is a 24-hour chatbot first aider that directs interactions to human agents when they are needed and responds to client FAQs. 

● Convos in Inbox to View & Manage – Observe and participate in real-time conversations among website visitors. 

● Assignments for Live Chat Agents – Assign follow-up to members of the sales, marketing, or support teams, among others. 

● Free mobile app to reply anywhere for live chat help in case you need it while on the go. 

● Tools for lead capture and opt-in – Ask website visitors who engage in chat to communicate via email, SMS, or Messenger. 

Does your company’s website need live chat functionality? 

When website visitor has a question they need promptly answered, live chat widgets are most frequently employed. 

By offering them this choice, you may prevent your phone from ringing nonstop and give yourself a chance to get past any minor objections to a sale that might otherwise turn someone away from you. 

The first thing you must decide is if you will be able to keep an eye on the live chat stream, at least during business hours. 

If your website receives a lot of traffic, it might require one or more employees to work full-time on it. 

However, for the majority of small firms, designating a salesperson or office manager to pay attention and address sporadic inquiries would be effective. 

We strongly advise integrating a live chat box into your website if your company is serious about delivering excellent customer service and increasing sales. 

You have someone who can monitor and reply to the messages you get.

Discover how to include live chat on your website. 

Sign Up for Free 

sign up for free with yugasabot

Creating an account on the software website is the first step. 

Visit Yugasabot and register there using your email address. 

Following completion of this step, you will receive instructions on how to proceed and incorporate live chat into your page. 

Add your Preferred Widget 

Making changes to your UI Theming comes next after you’ve signed up. 

Picking a catchy name for your chat function is the only complicated step in this straightforward approach. 

Under the page on which you want your live chat widget to display, you are free to change it. 

For example, the live chat feature deployed on your home page can be different from the one on your contact page. 

Another variable is the greetings message.

Configure the Color 

Configuring your preferred color is the next step. 

Ideally, this should coordinate with the theme of your brand. 

However, you can change the color if you wish.

Set up your Welcome Message 

The next step is to write your welcome message once you’ve chosen the color you’ll be using. 

Your message should be compelling enough to persuade clients and prospects to speak with your representatives… 

Set up Chatbot Integrate Live Chat

set up chatbot

The configuration of the chatbot’s query response is a further crucial stage. 

This phase can be automated for you using yugasabot, so you don’t need to bother about it. 

Test the Live Chat Feature 

You must verify that the system is operating as intended after fully integrating it into your website. 

This procedure is carried out to ensure that the autoresponder is operating as intended. 

Why use Live Chat? 

why use live chat

Customer involvement includes live conversations in a big way. 

Live chat is essential if you want to improve the way you communicate with your clients and prospects. 

The provision of real-time support is one of the primary purposes for installing this software on your website live chat. 

The demand for rapid responses from customers was already mentioned. 

The tool will therefore live up to your client’s expectations. 

Additionally, your company needs to increase sales conversions. 

Live chat ensures that website visitors will be persuaded to purchase from you. 

Long-term client loyalty will also be increased thanks to their pertinent input. 


How does a website’s live chat function? 

Customers can communicate immediately with company employees, typically those in customer service, technical support, and other jobs, via live chat, a type of customer messaging software. 

Is live chat expensive? 

In comparison to most other live chat platforms, LiveChat is more expensive, particularly if you need to set up many automatic triggers or various agent groups. 

Final thoughts 

It’s simpler than you would have imagined to Integrate the live chat feature on your website. 

You may quickly install the tool on your website after choosing the appropriate provider.

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