Integration of Chatbot Email Marketing A Boon for Businesses in 2021

Integration of Chatbots and Email Marketing: A Boon for Businesses in 2021

Chatbot Email Marketing: We have been relying on email as a marketing channel for over a decade now. And this channel delivers the highest ROI. According to the reports, email marketing can be as much as 40 times more effective at reaching particular demographics than usual social media platforms.

Lately, we’ve seen an unprecedented usage of chatbots in various sectors. These chatbots enable users to get more engaged with your website. More than 50% of end users prefer chatbots to communicate with brands, as they are programmed to provide instant responses.

Email marketing and chatbots have their own benefits and can help your organization achieve different marketing and business goals.

But what if you integrate them to attain further better results that drives your business towards success.

Practically, it’s not easy to combine chatbots and email marketing. But this combination can be a perfect strategy to upscale your business. Today, many businesses are leveraging this result-driven strategy. Well, if you’re slightly behind in adopting this strategy, the below article will help you gain some amazing insights.

Integration of Chatbot Email Marketing:

Email Marketing and Chatbots complement each other perfectly and can be used together to boost each other’s performance.

Email marketing is one of the key website traffic sources and the moment customers reach your website, chatbots can help them with everything they’re looking for.

Alternatively, chatbots can collect necessary information to enhance your email marketing campaigns.

This is a well balanced loop. Here both the tool and the strategy can work hand-in-hand to deliver better user experiences.

Are you wanting to learn more about this incredible integration? Guess what? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the ways in which email marketing and chatbots can be combined to achieve higher goals.

Improve Customer Support with the help of Chatbots and Email Marketing

When a new user lands on your website, he might not be familiar with the products and services. So, in order to increase the efficiency of the whole process, there should be something that could help with easy navigation.

For this, one should integrate chatbots on their websites. This might help users to access your website with ease and get their queries answered immediately. And you can collect your users’ email so that you can send them valuable mails in the future.

Use Chatbots to Generate Leads for Email marketing

The simplest and easiest way to blend chatbots and email marketing is to use chatbots to generate leads by collecting email addresses for email marketing.Chatbots can help you by collecting your website visitors’ email addresses by offering some exciting incentives.

For instance, you can program your chatbot to ask for a user’s email at the end of their interaction. And while you do that, you can offer them personalized discounts and ask them to stay tuned for the latest content on your website.

Users can also share their email addresses to get in touch with the organization’s team for better assistance.This strategy is simple, yet an effective way to generate leads for email marketing while still ensuring better user experience.

Create Segmented Email lists using Chatbots

Chatbots collect useful user data and insights, which will help you to segment your email lists according to different parameters. For instance, you could use age, purpose, etc, to categorize your lists. You can also make it more polished and create segmented email lists based on products or services you’ve offered in the past and user preferences.

All of this can happen with the help of a chatbot. It can collect information and segregate data in the right manner for future use. They can share this data with your marketing team and hence make the work easy.

Leverage Insights from Chatbot Conversations to Personalize your emails.

Insights gained about a user through a chatbot can help in personalizing your emails. The data collected is not only limited to segmented email lists but can be further extended by personalizing emails on an individual level.

Chatbots are trained to ask specific questions to users and to provide them with personalized product recommendations and useful tips. This valuable user data is stacked in chatbot’s past interactions logs and can be leveraged for sending personalized emails.

Imagine, a customer purchases a product based on a chatbot’s insights and you can send an email with similar product suggestions that the user might be interested in. As they’ve already bought it once, they might be more likely to make a purchase again. So, this is a win-win situation, where both parties will benefit in the end.

Send Reminders using Chatbots to prompt people to read your emails

This is a fairly unique and least used method in which email marketing and chatbot integration can boost your business. You can use chatbots to send reminders to people who have not yet viewed your mails.

Most advanced chatbots have the option to send push notifications to the end users. This way can be utilized to send a reminder notification for unopened email.

Automate your emails by integrating Chabots with Email Marketing

Many advanced AI chatbots have the option to send automated emails as a response to certain things. You can decide these and program your chatbot to send mails. For instance, let’s assume that a new user has shared his mail with your chatbot. The chatbot can use this as a trigger and send an automated ‘Welcome or Thanks for Subscribing’ email to the user.


By using chatbots and email marketing, you can take your marketing level to a new height. Integrating chatbots and email marketing can help you create better, more targeted, and personalized email campaigns. Hope you use the above-mentioned tips for seamless integration between email marketing and chatbot to accomplish business and marketing goals.

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