Chatbots are beneficial in Event Management Business Chatbot for Events

How Chatbots are beneficial in Event Management Business

Chatbot for Events: Chatbots are getting popular immensely and almost all businesses are making use of this technology. These chatbots can be customized and used however a business likes.

Communication through messages is becoming popular and chatbots are helping in fulfilling this purpose. Chatbots can be found on almost all online websites and they are very popular on social media platforms. 

Event management is all about coordinating between various activities and keeping the audience engaged. These chatbots can be installed on audiences’ phones so that they can the management team can send out messages, notifications, information, and even conduct polls.

Chatbot for Events – How Chatbots are beneficial in Event management Business

  • Virtual Ushers

Chatbot for Events, Event management companies usually employ ushers to guide the audience to their seats and help them with everything. With chatbots available on audiences’ phones the audience can send ask a question relating their seating and the chatbot can help them with directing them to the right location. 

  • Live polling

There is a speaker or a host who tries to keep the audience engaged and communicates with all of them. Sometimes the host might need some feedback from the audience and he might simply ask the audience to raise their hands or should yes or no.

With chatbot technology, the host can send a live pooling option to the audience phones and they can give their feedback in a second. The feedback received is also 100% accurate.

  • Safety during emergencies 

Events are commonplace to experience accidents and there are a lot of things that might go wrong. It is really hard to send out the right message during emergencies and these situations things might escalate quite quickly.

Chatbots can be used to send out warnings and notifications about accidents in a certain place and the chatbot can explain the safety protocol and make sure the situation is handled properly. 

  • Music preferences

The audience has almost no control over how the event goes on but giving them a personal touch and considering their preferences can make the audience happier. The audience can have a virtual remote control and select the music. They can also select the sound levels they are comfortable with and go with a specific genre of music they like. 

  • Control the lighting

It is a common practice to overwork on the lighting and makes everything seem so bright, the rolling lights and the flickering light and constant flashes can be quite disturbing and can even cause a headache.

In such situations, the audience can send a message to the chatbot asking them to reduce the frequency of flickering lights and turn down the brightness a little bit. 

  • Collecting feedback

These chatbots are installed on the audience’s phone even after the event is done and the event management business can send a survey to their audience asking about the event.

People can describe various parts of the event and talk about what they liked and what was disturbing. This feedback is critical and can be used to make the upcoming events even better.

IMEX Frankfurt 2017 was a huge event and the event management team used Frank the Chatbot and the company sent a total of 3600 messages to 780 users and these messages helped them identify various problems and fix their website. 


Chatbots can be very helpful for your event management business because these chatbots are completely efficient and accurate. There is no scope of mistake and the chatbots can be customized for preferential treatment.

YUBO is one such chatbot that is efficient and is packed with a lot of features that can help you boost your event management business. YUBO is affordable and is one of the best chatbots available in the market. 

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