72% of e-commerce consumers Platforms against government decisions

72% of e-commerce consumers are against government decisions find out why!

E-commerce Platforms: In a survey, it was stated that more than 72% of consumers are against the government for banning e-commerce flash sales.

Nearly 72 percent of online consumers don’t want that the government should intervene or ban the flash sales which are offered on e-commerce platforms and this is concluded in a survey which is conducted by community social media platform LocalCircles.

Today online buying is coming up as mainstream in India and making 49 percent of consumers switch with this mode of buying in the past 12 months as mentioned in a survey.

The survey has received over 82 thousand responses now from consumers from over 394 districts of India. In the survey 62 percent of the participants are men and the rest are women.

A large number of consumers have been using this channel increasingly and in that, they have found that to be safe and convenient and it also offers competitive prices along with the return policy.

The survey also brings out clarity to the problems faced during the process of sales and in the survey around 72 percent of consumers are against the government for restricting and banning sales on the e-commerce platforms, according to the survey.

It is also noted that the reason behind consumers being against the government is that all these flash sales and offers make purchasing more affordable for the consumers and allow them to save more of their money which makes it more important during these difficult times.

The survey recorded consumer concerns which were proposed by the government for making amendments to the Consumer Protection rules of 2020 which may restrict the sales of e-commerce sites.

On 21st June, the government of India came with a draft of e-commerce rules under which it has banned fraudulent flash sales and mis-spelling of goods and services on e-commerce platforms by their owners and also bring out a mandatory rule which mentioned that the registration of these entities with the department for Promotion of Industry.

The survey also depicted that 43 percent of consumers sought the country of origin in their details while shopping online in the past six months as this information is shown in text or image form on the e-commerce platform.

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