AI developed by US Pentagon that can predict Future Events in Advance

AI developed by US Pentagon that can predict Future Events in Advance

AI developed by US Pentagon: US military has developed machine learning that can help in the proactive decisions making process for preparing and safeguarding their nation in every possible way which is scarily and more or less similar to predicting the future of the world events in a day’s advance than it is going to happen.

It is first reported by the drive which states that’s the US Northern Command recently completed the string of tests done under the observation of Global Information Dominance Experiments of the slew of the new AI which works with the help of cloud computing and the sensors that give access to the Pentagon to predict the events a day before of their happening and this fact is claimed by the Command leader General Glen Van Herck.

This technology is not advance as it sounds but it also holds the power of altering the massive shifts in military and government operations.

The system is based on a Machine Learning system and Artificial Intelligence which look towards the changes that create raw and real-time data which also indicate the upcoming trouble. AI developed by US Pentagon, This report works with the help of satellite images got from the rival nation’s submarine that is being prepared to leave its port.

With the help of the satellite the AI Bookmark these movements and indicate the military and navy to be prepared for the event in case the rival countries arrive in the attack the US seas and the naval ports.

Moreover, on the report or the event predicted with the help of Artificial Intelligence and the Machine Learning system the military analysts then look after the predicted news and take some hours to finely search in response to the collected information.

AI developed by US Pentagon, But the Artificial Intelligence system would complete this task in seconds and then alert the US military authorities accordingly.

VanHerck mentioned that the platform will be going live in the real world very soon. The tests are going on to make this system the ready-to-field software that can be validated as the next upcoming Globally Integrated Exercise in the year 2022.    

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