AI Drone helps Disaster Victims by locating them through screams

New AI allows Drone to help Disaster Victims by locating them through screams

AI Drone helps Disaster Victims: The world has started to grasp the significance and functioning of unmanned aerial automotive vehicles/devices or drones during real-world calamities/disasters. In addition to the growing demand for such applications, researchers at

Fraunhofer FKIE institute in Germany created a drone that is going to help in locating the people who are trapped in some natural calamities through their screams. This technology brings out to help the first responders to find the victims after a natural disaster or calamity.

The drones can be used for post-disaster operations and help in covering larger areas faster. The progress made through a prototype drone was is showcased by one of the leading engineers Macarena Varela at the annual conference conducted by the Acoustic Society of America.

As it is reported that using drones for rescue operations and post-disaster search allows responders to access the larger areas in a very easy and faster way than man efforts and trained rescue dogs.

The drone can fly to areas where rescuers can’t reach easily. Varela stated that if there is a building collapsed the drone will work accordingly to alert and assist the rescue team by flying to the places where the rescuers cant reach by themselves and pointing out the trapped human in the debris.

The present drones are used to analyze post-disaster damage to the structures, using thermal imaging to detect trapped victims with heat signatures, and delivering critical supplies to the people who are trapped in inaccessible regions.

AI Drone helps Disaster Victims, The drone consist of an AI that match sounds that are recorded through an inbuilt microphone. That helps in locating victims through samples recorded through a microphone.

The drone filters sound and focus on detecting sounds through signatures which are similar to pre-recorded samples of tapping, screaming, and other sounds created by someone for sake of help. The AI is using microphones found on mobile phones to reach people.

The team is successfully able to conduct the experiments and is now all set to get location technology patenting. Till now the team has able to do some successful open field experiments where they found a researcher calling out for help through drones within few seconds.

Varela stated that the drone is an ideal device for rescue operations after any natural calamities such as earthquakes, wildfires, and hurricanes. The system has a backlog that it is not operational in noisy or windy conditions during or after a disaster. The team is approached by several organizations for partnership proposals.

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