Android 12 will allow the user to access operate phones facial expressions

Android 12 will allow the user to access and operate their phones with facial expressions

Android 12 facial expressions: Android Mobile Phones come with a combination of different accessibility features for helping people with physical and mental disabilities.

Google is currently working on a new accessibility feature that allows the user to control their phones with different facial expressions. This new facial expression feature is added to the new Android Accessibility Suite and it is an innovation in the upcoming Android 12 update.

The new feature is known as Camera Switches that was spotted in the latest Android 12 beta version by the Developers of XDA. It’s new under the Switch Access feature which is one of the services which are available in the Android Accessibility Suite application.

It also offers tools to the users that make them capable to interact with their Smart Android devices without touching the screen. Camera switches are making it easy with the help of notch by letting the user control their Android devices only with the help of their facial expressions.

On the Android 12 beta version Google Pixel is offering a stack of different facial expressions like smile, raise eyebrows, open mouth, look right, look left, look p, and look down, and many more.

One has been allowed to set these facial gestures and assign every gesture a task that has to be fulfilled. It also gives options to the individual to choose the size of the gesture for example how long the individual wanted him/herself to smile to get recognized by the facial gesture. Once an individual sets their gesture one can set a task that has to be performed.

There are a lot of different actions which can be performed through Camera Switches, and that too includes touch and hold, next, previous, select, home, notifications, scroll backward and forward, back, and many more.

When the feature is enabled by the user on their Android devices it will detect them by looking into the front camera and perform the assigned gestures.

I continuous notification is also going to be visible when the Camera Switches feature is activated and helps in indicating to the user that the camera is activated. XDA has found that the feature is also working in the Android 11 devices.


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