Artificial Intelligence has identified Dementia years before its existence

Artificial Intelligence has identified Dementia years before its existence

Artificial Intelligence has used its algorithms to detect the patterns in brain scans at the time when it was missed by neurological experts.

Now, supercomputers are coming up with solutions to mighty challenges which are helping in accelerating research in the complexities of resolving everyday life science and Artificial Intelligence is not so far from achieving it.

Researchers are now indulged in testing a system that is based on Artificial Intelligence for detecting the neurological disorders in the human brain such as dementia in a single brain scan.

The researchers started the trial of the system which currently takes several scans and tests for the detection and diagnosis of dementia.

The reason behind the early diagnosis of the disorder is that it would be a life-saving achievement and also going to enhance treatment strategies.

The University of Cambridge along with its researchers are working on such Artificial Intelligence and they are hopeful that such a system will be going to be tested in the real-world clinical setting on more than 500 patients in the first year of its trial.

Kourtzi, a Professor at Cambridge University who is part of the study and research team stated to BBC that the team has intervened very early and if the treatments are kicked early to the victim it will slow down the progression of the disease and also avoid more damage to the brain.

And it is more likely that the symptoms that occur much later in life or might never turn up. In the trial, the researchers will be going to test whether the developed AI works in a clinical setting along with developing conventional and early ways of diagnosing dementia.

The researchers who are conducting the trial at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in the UK have been asked to send the reports to the participant’s doctors for clinical advice.

Till now the doctors and the neurologists have to be dependent upon brain scans and MRIs for the identification of the neurological disorders but the new system which is under development, for now, has shown some signs which will be going to help in boosting their abilities for identifying the issues early and also devise a new conventional treatment strategy.

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