Automating Digital Marketing Campaigns with Artificial Intelligence: Oracle Corp

Digital Marketing Campaigns AI: In a recent press release, Oracle Corp announced the launch of an AI-driven system that will automate parts of digital marketing campaigns. The new product is designed to help companies save time and money by automating tasks such as sending email blasts and developing social media posts.

The company says this is a way to help boost sales and provide a better customer experience by using AI in place of humans so the process can be completed more quickly and efficiently. This announcement comes just weeks after Adobe Inc launched a similar product in their Creative Cloud Suite.

Oracle Corp is positioning itself as a major competitor to Adobe and by offering similar services at a cheaper price point. It is unclear if their product will be as successful, but all evidence suggests that AI-driven automation is the future of digital marketing.

This is a trend that Adobe and cannot afford to ignore, especially considering the number of smaller companies who will be seeking an edge on their competition by adopting AI-driven automation first.

It remains unclear how Oracle Corp plans to position itself in this market space, but it has been clear from day one that they are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from competitors through unique services and features.

This announcement shows just another way in which Oracle seeks to provide value for customers while also staying competitive with other industry giants such as Adobe or .

Oracle’s Fusion Marketing system, as the product is revealed, utilizes artificial intelligence to create marketing campaigns. It also determines whether people who interact with emails or advertisements will eventually buy a product, and send their contact information to sales teams.

The system does this by ingesting data from a variety of sources. Some of the data will come from Oracle customers who use the system, such as email contact lists.

And some of the data will come from Oracle’s recent acquisitions of massive marketplaces of third-party data that Oracle has acquired in recent years to grow its digital advertising business. “A lot of it is much more measurable than it has been in the past,” Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president or Oracle’s advertising and customer experience cloud, said of digital marketing campaigns AI. “We just said, ‘this is a big computer science problem, and we’re going to go solve”

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