Avaamo’s Conversational AI Solution Finally Arrives on Microsoft Teams

Avaamo’s Conversational AI Solution Finally Arrives on Microsoft Teams

Avaamo’s Conversational AI Solution: The benefits of Conversational AI are endless and can be applied to a variety of sectors. One sector that is particularly interested is the possibilities of Conversational AI in Human Resources.

Enterprises are looking for ways they can use the power of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to make work easier for employees.

Avaamo today announced that they will soon release new features to support enterprise customers who want to leverage the power of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) in their human resources departments. 

Avaamo’s Conversational AI Solution technology is now accessible on Microsoft Teams to support employee self-service.

With Avaamo Conversational AI solutions, businesses may use Microsoft Teams’ collaborative platform and deliver mass self-service at a better scale.

Avaamo uses advanced machine learning to transform Teams into an autonomous support channel, and resolve employees’ IT and HR issues instantly by conversing with them in natural language on the platform.

Using Avaamo and Microsoft Teams, you can resolve a large percentage of employee issues quickly- whether it’s a help desk ticket or a provisioning request for new employees.

“Our conversational AI technology eliminates the need for employees to navigate across a plethora of enterprise applications, employee support portals. There is no need to wait for days to get responses from your service desk” said Sriram Chakravarthy, Co-founder, and CTO of Avaamo. “From filing support issues on ServiceNow to tracking status of expenses in Oracle Expense to updating dependent information in Workday; Avaamo AI analyzes the query and can respond, interact, and resolve within Team’s familiar interface”.

Technologies like AI are helping companies to be more productive and efficient. Avaamo is helping businesses transform traditional IT help desks into a modern, autonomous support channel that allows employees to get issues resolved in real-time on the familiar Microsoft Teams platform.

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