BotDistrikt Creating a Successful Digital Business from the Ground Up

BotDistrikt: Creating a Successful Digital Business from the Ground Up

BotDistrikt is a Southeast Asian company that builds chatbots to help businesses. They provide a number of services, including helping people build their own chatbot from the ground up and managing an existing bot.

It was originally called Bus Uncle Chatbot but it became clear soon after launching that this name no longer encapsulated everything that BotDistrikt is about.

In this blog post, we will take a look at how BotDistrikt has been successful in creating digital businesses for clients all over the world!

Abhilash Murthy wanted to solve a problem that many people have – when is the bus coming? He had been waiting for Bus 65 along Singapore’s Orchard Road for 25 minutes, but his bus was nowhere in sight.

After putting in a long day at work, Abhilash was tired and hungry. He simply wanted to go home. Even though this may seem like a small issue, it actually led to the creation of BotDistrikt.

Abhilash started working on Bus Uncle Chatbot with his co-founder and CTO Tanmaya Jain in July 2014. Their goal was simple: help people get information about public transportation more quickly than they could by using Google or typing their questions into the bus company’s website.

With Bus Uncle Chatbot, users could text their questions to a designated phone number in Singapore and get an immediate response about when the next bus would arrive.

The service was well-received by clients, with some even asking for more features like tracking specific buses or getting real-time updates on train schedules.

As of now, BotDistrikt can be used to manage an existing chatbot or create one from the ground up.

The same feature YugasaBot is providing for years, with the difference that YugasaBot offers a free trial and is aimed more at startups and it can be used for both small and large enterprises alike!

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