Selling Products to Customers WhatsApp: Conversational AI Platforms

Brands Selling Products to Customers through WhatsApp: Conversational AI Platforms Race Ahead

Conversational AI Platforms, Brands are increasingly turning to conversational artificial intelligence platforms such as YugasaBot, Haptik,, Gupshup, and for their chatbots that sell products to customers through WhatsApp world’s largest messaging app’s commerce plans take off in India.

The recent announcement made by JioMart that its “customers could now fill their shopping baskets within WhatsApp and pay either via JioMart or in cash when receiving their order has led brands like L’Oréal Paris, Fevicol Home Solutions, Tanishq Jewellery & many others to explore this opportunity of selling products to customers on the world’s largest messaging app with over 200 million users in India”.

Ashish Mittal, Founder of YugasaBot says that “It is a very smart move by WhatsApp and we are seeing an increased interest from brands looking to sell their products on WhatsApp”.

Conversational AI is a technology that powers chatbots and other forms of human-to-machine interaction.

It is a combination of both natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to create intelligent software agents able to understand the text or voice input from humans, engage them in conversation through various platforms such as WhatsApp Messenger, Skype, Slack, etc., perform tasks for them and even learn from their interactions.

According to Pravin Kothari, CEO of ClearTax, “WhatsApp is the perfect platform for eCommerce in India because it has penetrated deep into rural areas and small towns where people are more comfortable buying products through WhatsApp than going to a physical store”.

YugasaBot, being one of the best WhatsApp Chatbot providers, has been helping brands to automate their customer service operations on WhatsApp. Some of the clients that it has served include Indian Army, Exxon Mobil, Abra, The Times Group, etc.

Conversational AI Platforms, The chatbot providers are upbeat about the potential for eCommerce on WhatsApp and are seeing an increased interest from brands looking to sell their products on the messaging app.

With over 200 million users in India, WhatsApp is the perfect platform for eCommerce and offers a great opportunity for brands to tap into this market.

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