Cars are now capable of detecting potholes in real-time using AI

Cars are now capable of detecting potholes in real-time using AI

Potholes AI: Recently it was announced by the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology that the development of an which is based on Artificial Intelligence for the automatic detection of potholes.

The system is designed for installing it on the windshield of a vehicle so that it can detect potholes on the road surface in real-time. As it is a well-known fact that potholes may damage cars and may even cause life-threatening accidents.

It is known to everyone that in the rainy season’s potholes can cause many major problems. In August 2020 looking towards the record of heavy rainfall that was set in Seoul, The state has received more than 7,000 reports of potholes in August 2020 when a record downpour has hit the city very badly.

In Korea, there are 657,993 cases were reported of potholes in the country from 2016 to 2018. Korea has to bear total damage of 4.6 billion won as a compensation amount all across the country and also had to invest 1.7 trillion won on the road repair.

If a vehicle at a very speed passes by a pothole that too without noticing it the AI system might break away from the driving lane and might cause a threat to the driver’s life.

The AI works with quickly detecting the damaged sections by starting the road surface management and this also involves vibration, image recognition based on detection technologies, and laser scanning.

Particularly with the help of recent development of the detection technologies with the help of deep neural networks, image recognition which is based on road surface management methods who are receiving attention. Potholes AI, In addition to the image-based technique which also can be used with collaboration with personal devices like vehicles and smartphone cameras.

This technique is making it easier for a local government body that has relied on the visual inspection of human beings earlier but now has employed AI technology for that task.

The research team has installed several vision sensors on the windshield of the cars which works accordingly to the system which detect potholes in real-time by its auto-mapping feature by photographing the road. 

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