Elon Musk unveils the concept of Tesla Bot - something to replace humans

Elon Musk unveils the concept of Tesla Bot – something to replace humans in the future?

Elon Musk Tesla Bot: Tesla unveiled its robot prototype this year during its AI day, highlighting that this robot will mainly do repetitive and basic tasks that humans are less willing to do.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a recent Wall Street Journal conference shared the long-term key role that the robot can perform for humans.

The company also highlighted how it will work on improvements of robots’ capabilities over time by giving them more intelligence.

Musk stated that the robot will make physical work in the future a choice. It is capable of doing the same tasks as human beings but with more efficiency and accuracy.

The Tesla Bot is likely to help resolve the labor shortage issue that many countries are currently facing. This could be an indication of things to come in the future, where machines will take over basic human tasks, leaving people to focus on other areas of work or leisure pursuits.

With technology developing at a rapid pace, it is possible that robots will become more intelligent over time. We may even see robots capable of understanding emotions and feelings, which would make them really valuable for people in terms of companionship or assistance.

Musk stated that the foundation of the economy is labor and the Tesla Bot has the potential to be a general substitute for human labor over time. “I asked a friend of mine what should we optimize for and he said “gross profit per employee” – fully considered so you got to include the supply chain in that,” he said at the conference, Insideevs reported. He also stated that the fundamental constraint is labor. “There are not enough people.

Elon Musk Tesla Bot, I can’t emphasize this enough. There are not enough people. I think one of the biggest risks to civilization is the low and rapidly declining birth rate,” he added.

This year’s AI day also saw the launch of Tesla Neuralink, an implantable brain-computer interface venture to be used in people with certain brain injuries.

Musk also discussed the future of Tesla autonomy by giving car owners an option to upgrade their cars easily with full self-driving capability later on after it is made available through software updates.

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