Elon Musk will send Tesla Bots to work on Mars for creation of inhospitable

Elon Musk will hopefully send Tesla Bots to work on Mars for the creation of inhospitable environments

Elon Musk will send Tesla Bots on Mars: CEO of Tesla Elon Musk recently has stated that their company’s Artificial Intelligence bots might be able to work on Mars one day. This vision seems to be a ripped page from some sci-fi novel.

He also announced recently that the company on working on the development of such Tesla Bot with a human form and that might co-opt some of the AI technology companies which have developed some systems for its electric vehicles.

One of the companies which also belongs to Musk, SpaceX has to work with its main focus to returning humans to the moon rather than heading towards Mars.

I Twitter user on the platform has asked Musk that is the bots going to be produced in large numbers and sent to Mars as laborers and on that Musk replied Hopefully the company is looking over to do so.

The tweet on which Musk replied is also stating that the bot project is also mirroring the efforts of a fictional scientist from the novel Isaac Asimov’s which named “I, Robot” a book from the series which belongs to began publication and which is published in the 1950s. The story depicts that the humanoids robots are working in hand with humans.

Elon Musk will send Tesla Bots on Mars, A Twitter user has recently compared Elon Musk with Lawrence Robertson he is a fictional character who is the co-founder of U.S Robotics and Mechanical Man from some fictional novel where that individual built a company who creates Humanoid robots.

In the novel “I, Robot” Robertson stated that the idea makes the people realize the benefits of working along with the humanoid robot, and when the human realize the real potential of the robots they would crave from the development of more such humanoid robots to perform tasks and follow human assistance.

Elon Musk will send Tesla Bots on Mars, Recently Elon Musk has stated that this is going to be the key application in terms of economy and also stated that in the future one will have the choice that either they want to do physical work or not. There is a drawback that has raised the major concern and that is the public fear of turning AI bots violent.

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