Ethical AI can adopt new Design in Next Decade

Ethical AI can adopt new Design in Next Decade

Ethical AI Design: The advancement of technology now has adopted Artificial Intelligence for automation in various sectors such as diagnosing medical conditions, regulating traffic, and help drivers to drive vehicles. AI is also used for running chatbots for customer service for spotting the signs of fraud in financial transactions.

The new technology is also being adopted to read people’s emotions and to “speak” to them as a voice assistant for customer support. The majority of experts are still not sure about whether AI has to be widely adopted without taking proper and systematic safeguards. The experts have expressed their concern while talking to Pew Research.

The experts are concerned and raised their questions that how advancement in AI is going to affect humans and their free will that would mean to be productive during that age. Another concern was that the evolution in AI and Machine learning by 2030 may continue to have more focus on optimizing the profits and social control, with stakeholders struggling to hold the consensus on ethics.

The experts have a little hope of finding ways to bring out these issues in the global focus on ethics of AI and which is moving towards society with an agreement to make AI and machine learning for development, beneficial, and autonomous.

All these facts are highlighted in a new report which is released by Pew Research Center and Elon University while imaging the internet Center. During the research in a survey 602 technology innovators, activists, researchers, policy leaders, businesses.

Ethical AI Design, The outcome of the report states that 68 percent of the responses choose the option which declares that the ethical principles focused primarily look towards public goodwill and not to be employed in most AI systems by 2030. And only 32 percent of the people in response choose that the AI system must focus on public goods by 2030.

The people who responded to the queries related to the issue are Barry Chudakov, he is a founder and principal of Certain Research, Mike Godwin, he is a former general counsel for Wikimedia Foundation, and a creator of Godwin’s law. One of the respondents mentioned, “Rabelais used to say, that science without conscience is the ruin of the soul”.

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