Feature update Phone Numbers Might Soon Be Replaced With Usernames in WhatsApp 

Feature update: Phone Numbers Might Soon Be Replaced With Usernames in WhatsApp 

The widely used instant messaging app WhatsApp is releasing a new update via the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to 

A new function that will undoubtedly be embraced by many users is included in the update. 

In particular, individuals who participate in extensive group chats. 

When you receive a message in a group chat from an unknown contact, the function replaces phone numbers with push names in the chat list. 

Wabetainfo claims that the WhatsApp beta for Android update is when this feature was originally implemented. 

In group chats, the message bubble’s initial update switched usernames for phone numbers. facilitating the identification of messages from unfamiliar contacts in your group chats. 

The conversation list now has access to this feature thanks to the most recent version of WhatsApp. 

The push name will now be displayed in the chat list in place of the phone number, making it easier for users to identify the identity of the mysterious contact in your contact list without adding the phone number. 

This is especially useful in large group conversations when it could be difficult to discern between known and unknown group members. 

The push name may also replace the phone number in some places of the app, such as the list of group members. 

The phone number is still displayed in the chat bubble even though the feature was only made accessible to a small number of iOS beta testers after installing the WhatsApp beta for iOS update, thus it is not concealed from group members. 

Those beta testers who download the most recent upgrades of WhatsApp beta for Android from the Play Store can currently access the new feature. 

Over the next few days, additional consumers are anticipated to start receiving it. In the future, hopefully, we will be able to communicate exclusively through usernames on the app. 

Final thoughts

Overall, this update will certainly be welcomed by many WhatsApp users who have struggled to identify unknown persons in group discussions. 

With the push name feature, group conversations will undoubtedly be simpler to handle and communication will be more effective. 

We’ll monitor WhatsApp’s developments and let you know as soon as anything new is learned.

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