Freshworks stated that more than 90% of IT managers have deployed

Freshworks stated that more than 90% of IT managers have deployed

Artificial Intelligence or planning to bring it out into Action soon Almost 93% of IT managers are currently into a stage of trying to exploring or deploying some level of Artificial Intelligence for helping streamline help desk systems and probably all sectors of industries in its new report from Freshworks. Half of the IT managers stated that they have already implemented Artificial Intelligence tools.

In the meantime, more than 70% of Freshworks it managers stated that Artificial Intelligence is either critical or very important for the up-gradation and modernization of their services desk capabilities. Respondents stated that there are certain prerequisites for enabling AI solutions.

The most desirable characteristic of Artificial Intelligence tools is the ease of their integration with existing IT infrastructure, a majority of the respondents indicated that any of the Artificial Intelligence solutions for IT service management or IT operations management should collaborative, intuitive, scalable, and fast and easy to deploy.

The survey explored a key metric associated with today’s demanding environment of the IT sector. There is an end number of IT services inquiries which is received by the IT support desk every day.

That number of inquiries ranged from an average of 44 inquiries every day for small companies to 725 per day for well-settled organizations. ITSM chatbots are the clear leader holding a good position in planned or actual AI deployments.

In a survey, it was found that more than 25% of respondents expected Artificial Intelligence-powered technologies for reducing IT staff workloads in real-time, and other than that the leftover 39% has already experienced the benefits.

In the survey respondents have also explained and concluded upon what they wanted to achieve after the implementation of Artificial Intelligence is the “40%” speed of implementation, “38%” of integration with the legacy system, “39%” of the Artificial Intelligence bots solutions should be trained and return the most accurate response, and “38%” of the overall cost of the implementation.

freshworks it managers, The survey is conducted across 14 countries and in the survey, more than 850 senior IT executives the survey reveal Artificial Intelligence has hit the mainstream in the field of every sector.

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