Google proposed safety section for application on Google Play Store

Google to reveal the proposed safety section for application on Google Play Store

Google Play Safety Section: After looking towards Apple’s advanced offerings to their customer’s privacy with the initiative of App Store privacy labels and the App Tracking Transparency.

As a result of the proposed action by Apple, Google has recently announced its plans and decided to introduce a new safety section on Google Play Store which is going to provide more information about the data which is collected and shared by the application along with other security and privacy details.

Now the company is sharing this news for the first time which includes how the new section’s user interface is going to look along with fulfilling the other requirements of the developers.

Google Play Safety Section, In May Google has explained how the safety section is going to be designed for making it easier to communicate with the users along with how the applications are going to handle their data for making informed choices.

It has also been stated that now the app developers have to disclose this to their users whether the application is using any security practices such as data encryption, or else it must be following Google Play’s Families policy for the which are built for kids, whether the user has the choice of data sharing, or the application safety section is verified with the help of any third party, and if the application is allowing or not allowing the user for the deletion of data at the time of uninstalling.

Now, Google has debuted the user interface concept, and now developers will be able to see how this feature is going to look like at the user’s end.

Google Play Safety Section, In the safety section offered by Google, the users will be able to see the explanation of the developers of the data the application is going to collect and following other details with each of its icons to serve as a visual indicator.

Whenever the users tap on the summary that the user can view the other details such as knowing about what data is collected by the application such as contacts, personal information, locations, financial information, and more.       

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