IOC use drone technology for monitoring the pipeline network of 15,000 km

IOC to use drone technology for monitoring the pipeline network of 15,000 km

IOC use drone technology: Indian Oil Corporation Limited has now deployed a drone that performs round-the-clock monitoring of the system and observes the area of the 15,000 km pipeline network to keep a check on the theft of fuel and any disruption along with leakage and erosion.

It is being stated that the right way of setting up the pipelines is done with help of proper mapping along with the use of geo-fencing.

The corporation has assigned a set of people who are just only employed to closely observe the flow of fuel through the pipeline, pressure parameters, and trends with help of some instrumentation and supervisory controlling it with the Data Acquisition system.

Along with the using drone for inspection a comprehensive system for the physical inspection of the entire pipeline network had been employed by the company and bring to the immediate action on foot line by patrolmen along with DGR guards are also part of the process.

In the addition, the task the company has also placed some machinery system which detects the leakage and ensures with the analysis of 24/7 at some tentative vulnerable points.

Their system will be going to be monitored with the use of the Global Positioning System enabled in the compatible devices. In a press release, it was added that the current Right of Way of the installed pipelines is mapped with the use of geo-fencing.

IOCL has taken more initiatives that will be going to help in boosting the securities of their pipelines. IOC use drone technology, The company has undertaken a digital initiative and has installed optical fiber-based pipeline Intrusion Detection and Warning System.

The system which is going to be implemented is currently under process on the pipeline of 5,474 km length and it will be functional for the 997 km and the remaining pipeline will be commissioned in 2022-23 according to the press release.

The IOCL is trying to explore several other ideas of innovative security protocols for the enhancement of the security of the pipeline by the Pilferage detection system. IOC use drone technology, Drones have been deployed recently for monitoring the 120 km area from the Panipat-Delhi section of the Mathura-Jalandhar pipeline.  

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