IT growth requires AI and Machine Learning Nasscom Rekha Menon

IT growth requires AI and Machine Learning: Nasscom’s Rekha Menon

IT growth: the Indian IT sector is driven by a rising appetite for digital transformation which has its more focus on automation and industrialization by Artificial Intelligence stated by Rekha Menon, Chairperson.

Stated this information in an email interview with Economic Times reporter Raghu Krishnan and Anandi Chandrasekhar. The statement was given on a behalf of ongoing debate between the government and the social media platforms.

Menon mentioned that while compliance is vital, it needs to understand the challenges faced in the current rules or legislation and decriminalize the criminal offenses. She stated that the industry and government need to collaborate to build the right processes and a robust framework for higher accountability. The interview is as follow,

The Indian technology industry has recovered well after the pandemic. What kind of growth does she see in the industry in the upcoming 5 years? How would she be going to characterize this growth? In the reply, she stated that the technology industry has shown a remarkable downfall during the pandemic in India.

In the early investment in creating the world-class infrastructure, strong industry collaborations and these people’s resilience and innovation have kept on a strong and steady footing with the clients.

The pandemic in the result adopted digitalization across industries and somehow the industries are trying to develop AI for their growth. The listed companies have recorded an increase in technology by 5.3 percent in H2 2020 and H1 2020.

What do Indian companies and the government need to sustain this growth? She is a reply stated that there are so many that the country needs to realize for growth. The important aspects are driving the higher degree of collaboration with stakeholders which ensures the availability of digital-ready talent which also enables the smooth transition of all missions.

The country needs to reimagine the future of work for our industries to drive the new business model and the development of talent and skills is a must for national growth.

IT growth, How Nasscom is aiding the dispute between social media and the Indian government currently? She in reply stated that the new challenges faced with the new regulations. While the government made it mandatory for social media apps to be accountable for the country.

Rekha Menon, being a chairperson how do you plan for Nasscom? She in reply said that their industry is on a path that accelerates growth with the technology which emerges as a lifeline of societies and economies across the whole world. She is excited to work more in the digital transformation industry and continue her journey.

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