Kozhikode voice-assisted Police Assistant Chatbot Help Public Complaints

Kozhikode’s voice-assisted “Police Assistant” Chatbot to Help Public File Complaints

Public Chatbot: The Kozhikode unit of the Kerala Police Cyerdome has introduced a user-friendly chatbot service, Kerala Police Assistant, to help the public submit complaints hands-free using Google Assistant.

The voice-assisted chatbot service of the Kozhikode police enables users to locate nearby police stations and file complaints on noticing crimes. Users can also check the status of their complaints through this service.

On Saturday,  Minister for Public Works and Tourism P.A. Mohamed Riyas launched the innovative chatbot service, which can be explored using the wake-up command, ‘talk to Kerala Police’, after enabling the voice assistant feature on a mobile phone.

Inspector-General of Police (North Zone) Ashok Yadav, District Police Chief (Kozhikode City) A.V. George, and Deputy Commissioner of Police Swapnil M. Mahajan were present at the inaugural demonstration on Saturday (June 23).

The chatbot is an excellent way to provide assistance for filing complaints by voice instead of typing. It simplifies the process of filing a complaint and helps people without any prior experience in filing a complaint.

The app is available only in the English language at present but will be expanded to other languages including Malayalam soon after its launch, said the release.

This will help citizens file a complaint in case they have any issues related to traffic violations, road accidents, and other crimes including chain snatching, child abuse, sexual harassment, and rash driving.

It will also provide updates on the status of their complaints. The chatbot will also help in finding the location of nearby police stations, and if users want to know about any specific case details they can use voice commands.

The chatbot service helps citizens locate their nearest police station by themselves without assistance from others or spending hefty amounts on hiring private vehicles for this purpose.

This is just another step that makes technology more accessible for citizens with disabilities as well. This chatbot helps them request information from Google Assistant without typing it out through voice commands, which is much easier for them.

For the first time ever, Indian Police have introduced a chatbot service using Google Assistant to help citizens file complaints hands-free.

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