Mobile Phone software update is kill life of devices after warranty ends

Mobile Phone software update is built to kill the life of devices after the warranty ends

Mobile Phone software update: What if one’s get to know that the mobiles phones they are using are just built to get failed or get worst after the warranty expires.

This issue has been on its verge at this current time where more than 30 U.S. countries have filed a Public Interest Litigation against the leading mobile phone brand Apple for building such updates which destroy the life of the device.

These are unbelievable tricks and techniques used by such big tech companies to sell their products. The tech companies have reserved the right of repairing the devices and patented them so that no one else can make move for repairing old devices and the user has to visit the company or else switch to another better device offered at the same time.

The tech giant is trying to mislead its audience by providing updates that cause harm to the devices and slow them down and give the user a poor mobile operating experience.

Now this issue has been observed as the worst tantrums used by such a tech giant Apple for the sale of their new devices has brought out a huge loss to the company and the company ended up paying billions of dollars to the users to safeguard the name of the company.

The U.S. was the first-ever country to look after in the matter of repairing such devices which have been in the trend. All the devices which stop working or get damaged create non-biodegradable waste which is a harm to the environment.

This ideology of such big tech giants such as Apple is a non-disciplinary action that can also be stated as a fraud in terms of misleading their consumers and forcing them to switch to the new product rather than getting that device repaired.

Mobile Phone software update, The warranty of the device is meant as the lifeline or the deadline of the device like if any product’s life is 5 years it is expected to get killed by that time.

Not only Apple but there are a lot more companies who follow such tricks and ideology to increase the sales of their products.

Like the company who is preparing any device or machinery will having the most of its access to its resources so it can have more of the profit.

Mobile Phone software update, Can such ideology of providing people such technology updates which made that device kill itself or slow down can only bring more consumers and profits to the companies but can’t bring out a good name for the company.

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