Singapore based Start-Up Wiz ai creates a Chatbot understand Singlish

Singapore based Start-Up creates a Chatbot that can understand Singlish

Singapore-based start-up Wiz ai has created a chatbot that can understand Singlish! This is the first of its kind in Singapore and it offers an interesting alternative to traditional customer service methods.

Jennifer Zhang, CEO and co-founder of conversational voice AI firm WIZ.AI, said “In their race to automate, we are not only left with cold and emotionless self-serve options such as text-based chatbots, but more importantly, access is inadvertently taken away from the underprivileged, and people who are unable to adapt”.

Zhang also said “Customer service should be accessible, human-like, warm and most importantly hyper-personalized.

Good customer service creates lifelong customers, while great customer service creates brand advocates!” She went on to say that “95 percent of the people who interact with WIZ.AI chatbots feel they do not even realize they weren’t even talking to a human”.

Their initial goal was to prove that the concept was viable, polish their English AI library, and collect more feedback on how to best streamline their offerings to meet the needs of their customers.

The MVP (minimum viable product) received a lot of attention from Singapore customers. Resulting, their first seed funding in mid-2019.

Wiz AI Singapore Chatbot, The second stage of WIZ AI’s development was to build solutions for industrial applications. Their flagship product is the “Wiz” chatbot that can speak Singlish (the Singaporean version of English with Chinese and Malay influences), which they offer to local SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

This chatbot can understand Singaporeans’ accents, know how to say “lah” or “or the” in the right context, but also be able to process complex queries.

Nowadays, Reminders for re-contracting, appointments, and overdue bills, messages about ex-customer re-activation, special deals or new products, and upsell goods and services are all possible with bots.

Patients are called up in healthcare settings to check on their well-being, symptoms, medication reactions, and so on. WIZ.AI’s client portal, also automatically records and categorizes intention data, also provides clients with rich customer data.

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