South Africa is the first-ever country to grant a patent of AI world

South Africa is the first-ever country to grant a patent of AI all over the world

AI world: South Africa recently at a first glance granted a patent to an Artificial Intelligence system relating to a food container which is based on fractal geometry that seems fairly mundane.

The innovation includes a question that involves the interlocking of the food containers which are easy for robots to stack and grasp.

Looking towards the patent which is granted is just mundane. This has happened because the inventor is not a human being, it is an Artificial Intelligence and machine learning system known as DABUS.

DABUS stands for the device for the autonomous bootstrapping of unified sentience. This is an AI which is invented by Stephen Thaler, he is a pioneer in the field of programming and Artificial Intelligence.

This system helps in simulating the brainstorming in the human and also creates new inventions. DABUS is the only type of Artificial Intelligence system, which is also referred to as creativity machines because the AI is capable of creating independent and complex functioning.

This is the major factor that differentiates it from everyday AI such as Siri, which is the official voice of Apple’s iPhones. AI world, In the application that’s, has been filed for patenting DABUS as an inventor was filed an application in the patent offices all around the world which includes the US, Australia, Europe, and South Africa.

But among them, only South Africa has accepted the request for granting the patent, and later on, after following some days of court trial against the application the Australian government has issued a go-ahead notice in the final judgment.

After the decision of South Africa that too for granting a patent to an AI has received widespread backlash so far from intellectual property experts.

It has been rumored that someone has labeled it by mistake or it can be an oversight by the patent office.

It is been concluded that the patent and the AI scholar whose Ph.D. aims for addressing the gaps in interpreting the patent law and its is also suggested that this decision also be supported by the government in the upcoming years. AI world, As this is aimed that this will help in increasing innovation and views the technology to achieve more of it.    

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