WhatsApp chatbot for Food & Supplies launched by West Bengal Govt

WhatsApp chatbot for Food & Supplies launched by West Bengal Government

WhatsApp chatbot for Food & Supplies: The West Bengal Government has launched a chatbot to make it easier for the citizens of the State to apply for a ration card, lodge grievances, and get access to other critical resources.

The chatbot will also assist farmers with verified information about rice procurement. The bot is free to use and available in English and Bengali.

The West Bengal government may also be trying to further Digital India’s goals by including Aadhaar integration into the chatbot.

Users can start the chat by sending a ‘Hi’ over WhatsApp to +91-9903055505.

This service will also make the lives of those who work in West Bengal’s ration office easier. Over ten crore people in the state of West Bengal will benefit from this new chatbot.

There will be no need for individuals to visit the ration office in person to have their inquiries addressed or make requests since the chatbot is now operational.

The bot is built with resources such as ration card application forms, tracking applications for rations cards and other critical supplies, linking to AADHAR, guidance on scheduling the sale of paddy in the market.

IAS Parvez Siddiqui commented, “The chatbot provides updated information to citizens to enable them to raise queries and complaints thus helping faster resolution and ensuring that food supplies reach the remotest part of the state in a seamless manner.

They can get all citizen-centric services, sitting in the comfort of their homes using WhatsApp, which is something with which most people are comfortable today. WhatsApp chatbot for Food & Supplies, This is the easiest and most efficient way for the government to ensure that it is serving its people in West Bengal.”

Shivnath Thukral, Director of Public Policy – WhatsApp India commented, “At WhatsApp, we are always looking to support solutions that leverage our platform to deliver social good and governance solutions.

We are honored to support the Government of West Bengal’s mission to make food supplies more efficient and easy and ensure that it reaches the remotest parts of the State.

We are hopeful that this customized solution through WhatsApp will be beneficial for people and help them access information that streamlines food distribution in the State.”

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