WhatsApp users can now book Uber rides in India using official Chatbot

WhatsApp users can now book Uber rides in India using official Chatbot

Uber Whatsapp India Uber: WhatsApp users in India can now book Uber rides using the official chatbot. The feature is available for all WhatsApp users and has been made available in Lucknow first, with other cities likely to follow.

It will work like any other Uber: after selecting their destination, customers are asked to share their name, phone number, and pickup time. They then receive a notification confirming the booking within seconds on both WhatsApp and on the Uber app itself.

This is a huge development for both companies – it’s believed that this integration marks one of few times an external service has integrated into another company’s messaging platform worldwide (and not just as an additional option).

Both platforms look set to benefit from this partnership; with more people using WhatsApp, it becomes an even more powerful marketing tool for Uber.

The riders now have an easy way to book their Uber rides without having to leave the WhatsApp app, and Uber now has a captive audience of over one billion users. The users can now book their cabs from the official chatbot without downloading the app.

The company says that riders get the same safety features and insurance protections as those who book trips via the Uber app directly. Uber Whatsapp India Uber, will be informed of the name of the driver and license plate number before booking a ride too. The users can also share trip details with friends or family, making it easier for them to follow along.

At the moment, the integration is only available in English but it’s likely that other languages will be added in due course. This is a global-first for Uber and could pave the way for similar integrations with messaging platforms in other countries. Watch this space!

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