Yellow Messengers rebrands itself as launches AI voice bots

Yellow Messengers rebrands itself as and launched AI voice bots launches AI voice bots: On Monday Yellow Messenger stated that they have renamed themselves and launched AI voice bots to expand the product suite that they have aimed to deliver to the total customer experience automation.

The company has seen some significant results in the growth of its revenue and has booked 16 million dollars in annual recurring revenue stated by Raghu Ravinutala, Co-founder and CEO of

He also mentioned that is swiftly scaled to meet the demand globally for digital transformation. Till now the company has established their offices in just 6 countries and planning to enter more countries soon.

Due to this pandemic, every organization has to face unprecedented time. As no one was ready to accept the decision of lockdown along with work from homes looking towards the conditions.

Due to which the companies have to adapt themselves to run their business while minimizing the staff across establishments, geographies, and teams. launches AI voice bots, The gives access to enterprise-grade chat and voice bots which enables conversational customer experience automation in a better way for more than 700 brands globally.

This AI helps brands to automate better customer experience around 35 channels such as web, social media, telephony, and others in more than 100 languages. Till now there are India’s two largest private banks and a state government electricity board in the company’s client. launches AI voice bots, As the newly launched is representing the evolution of the company in delivering a single platform that is going to automate the total consumer experience in the consumer lifecycle.

With the launch of new voice AI the company is observing the increase in existing strengths of building high accuracy chatbots with its distinguished and proprietary NLP engine. It is noted by Ravinutala that touchless UI and voice are playing a key role in enabling the smarter brand to consumer engagement.

The humanized interactive experiences are giving unbelievable value in the business through voice AI. The is dedicated to enabling human-like engaging conversations with our conversational consumer experience platform which is a perfect balance between human + Artificial Intelligence capabilities. 

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