How to generate WhatsApp link 2021

How to generate WhatsApp link 2021

How to generate WhatsApp link: With the popularity of the popular instant messaging app growing, there is an increased demand to connect swiftly with businesses through it.

Numerous consumers merely need information or help about the goods or services offered by businesses.

It’s a click-to-chat button that can be embedded on your website or inside postings on Facebook, Instagram, or other brand-owned social media sites.

So that your prospective clients may be routed to your WhatsApp chat and start communication with you. Often people have doubts and say ‘how to get my WhatsApp link’. In this article, you will get to know the answers

The following is the structure of the link: How to generate WhatsApp link

—<number> — where the number is the whole company telephone number in its international format. When adding the number in the international format, exclude any zeroes, brackets, or hyphens.

For instance, if your WhatsApp number is +39 34567879, the URL will be

At this stage, a single click will initiate chat, even if the customer’s phone number was not previously stored in his or her phonebook.

How To Create Whatsapp Link Or How To Generate Whatsapp Link?

As previously shown, establishing a Whatsapp chat link that leads to a WhatsApp discussion is relatively tricky; the issue is that it is difficult to track precisely where these chats originate.

For instance, if we wanted to know from which product page a prospective client contacted us, we would need to include a pre-populated message to have the components required for the discussion prepared in advance.

To do this, we have two choices: How to generate WhatsApp link

  • Including the pre-filled message in the WhatsApp link is fast and straightforward; just include the text parameter inside the WhatsApp URL and input the text you wish to include as a pre-filled message.

The URL’s text must be encoded as ASCII characters, with a percent 20 used in place of spaces. The example of a URL is as follows: “Hello, how can I create an account? Thanks”:

Hello,% 20how% 20can% 20I% 20create% 20an% 20account?% 20 ‘Thanks’

By clicking on the link, the user may initiate a discussion using the pre-populated message, which informs the sales or service team of the user’s objectives and facilitates dialogue.

  • Using Google Tag Manager to add the pre-filled message: It is a technique that takes some technical knowledge, but it enables more precise dialogue tracking.

To do this, we encourage you to refer to the following instructions.

The monitoring of WhatsApp conversations reveals some fascinating information, visualizing user interest in a specific product or service.

A good starting point for creating a WhatsApp link is, which allows you to easily customize the pre-filled message via a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Additionally, the site’s Premium edition enables monitoring of the statistics for each link established on the platform.

The sites listed above will enable you to quickly and independently generate links that you can incorporate into your website (as we will see in the next paragraph) or in a Facebook, Instagram, or other social media post.

What Is The Appropriate Way To Incorporate WhatsApp Into A Website?

To enable website visitors to initiate a conversation with your sales or customer support staff, you must verify that the previously created link is appropriately incorporated into the web pages.

To significantly enhance the likelihood that the generated traffic will convert into conversations, ensure that the WhatsApp link displays on all pages of your website.

The simplest way to incorporate the WhatsApp link into your website is to copy it into the web pages and provide the user with the option ‘click to chat WhatsApp.

However, this approach is very simplistic and visually unappealing. As a result, another viable option would be to build a button that includes a link to the WhatsApp conversation. To encourage your visitors to initiate a discussion with you, it will be enough to embed the WhatsApp link inside an image, such as the WhatsApp symbol itself.

Finally, for a more professional appearance, we suggest adding a chat widget that is loaded on all pages of the website and displays as a fixed element when the pages scroll.

How To Include A WhatsApp Link Into Facebook Advertising?

The recent epidemic has prompted many businesses to join the digital realm in search of ways to increase their online communication, most notably via social media channels, most notably Facebook.

The most adventurous marketers have to look for novel ways to offset the rise in advertising expenses. One of the options they discovered was to develop advertisements that connect directly to WhatsApp.

These advertisements display on Facebook or Instagram and direct users to a WhatsApp conversation with the business when they click on the call-to-action.

You must either have a WhatsApp Business account or connect the WhatsApp Business APIs into an existing account to create them. You have two options here:

  • Create advertisements to increase traffic, website conversions, or message delivery:

In this instance, after creating a new ad with one of these goals, you choose the ad type “Click to send a message.” Then, under “Messaging app,” choose WhatsApp.

Note: The Messages aim is not accessible for advertisements directed towards India or European Union member nations.

  • Create advertisements with the following goals in mind: Reach, Brand awareness, Interactions, or Video views

Put the URL of your website in the “Link” string here, and as a call-to-action, choose “Send a WhatsApp message.” Select your page with the associated WhatsApp number from the drop-down option.

In all instances, you must choose a target demographic, a positioning, a budget, and an advertising format, and then click “Publish.” Facebook will then review your ad for approval.

Wrap Up

By incorporating WhatsApp into your website or advertisements, you may instantly reap the advantages of conversational marketing. Indeed, with the introduction of messaging applications, the norms of online communication have shifted dramatically.

Utilizing WhatsApp is unquestionably beneficial, as it enables prospective consumers to get more information about a particular aspect of the product or service straight via the WhatsApp conversation also can be accessed by Yugasa Bot.

It is a very effective avenue for enticing emotionally invested and impulse-buying consumers to buy your goods or service. This is because it is possible to develop a more trusting and reciprocal connection.

Additionally, by allowing users to contribute audio messages, pictures, or videos, you may enhance and engage conversation by sharing ideas, thoughts, and reviews about goods or the business.

This is a perfect moment to begin using WhatsApp for commercial purposes. We appreciate your time in reading!

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