Instant & intelligent replies to your clients on WhatsApp

Your clients are willing to connect you on Whatsapp

24x7 intelligent talks

An AI chatbot can attend your customers 24x7 on your Whatsapp.

eCommerce on Whatsapp

No App download, No Website. provide assisted shopping to your clients.

Support Agent Handover

Transfer chat control to human agents and give it back to chatbot.

Targeted Promotion

Send promotional messages to targeted audiences on their Whatsapp.

6 Reasons to hire a Whatsapp Chatbot

Bigger Audiences

Whatsapp is used by 400 million consumers in India.

Achieve Higher CSAT

Prompt and intelligent replies improve the customer satisfaction.

Higher Opening Rate

Whatsapp is the most used chat app globally with highest visibility.

Increased RoI

Replying on Whatsapp is easy and fast. Higher response rate results better RoI.

Reduced Investment

Automation in communication considerably reduces the investment in human support.

Higher Customer Loyalty

Keep connected with your customers through two way communication and upsell.

7 Requirements
1 Answer

90% of people rate an immediate response as very important while seeking help. 60% of these people define immediate as 10 minutes or less. There are multiple ways in which companies can use WhatsApp Chatbot to assist their audiences with such response rate.
  • Customer Support
  • Branding and Promotion
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Online Payments
  • Bi-Lingual Communication
  • Recruitment Screening
  • Collect Feedback

Experience a Whatsapp Chatbot

Scan the above QR code and say 'Hello' to the Bot on Whatsapp.

Is a WhatApp Business application and a WhatsApp Chatbot the same thing?

No, WhatsApp Business application and a WhatsApp Chatbot are two different things. As per the original application, WhatsApp Business is a free downloadable app available for Android and iOS smartphones. WhatsApp Chatbot, however, is an AI enabled chatbot application with WhatsApp interface where WhatsApp users can now communicate as they would talk to a real person. A WhatsApp bot (WhatsApp chatbot) is a computer program designed to automatically respond to customers’ queries, within WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business does nothing like that by default.

What are the prerequisites to have a Whatsapp Chatbot for my business?

You must be using WhatsApp API Approved Business Account.
  • You must enable 2 Step Authentication.
  • Facebook should verify your Facebook Business Manager.
  • Must be a business (Individuals are not allowed as of now).
  • WhatsApp also pays attention to the industry your business operates in. It is tough to get API access for industries restricted by WhatsApp. List of Whatsapp Commerce Limitations

How can I get a green tick/checkmark badge and a visible business name on my WhatsApp Chatbot?

You can apply for Green Tick after you are approved for WhatsApp Business APIs. The green badge ✅ next to the contact’s name confirms that this is the business’s WhatsApp verified account. WhatsApp grants Green Tick to limited businesses only. A general recommendation for getting a Green Tick approved is to be in "Tier 2 or above" messaging level. More on messaging Tiers

What all can be achieved using WhatsApp Chatbot?

A WhatsApp Chatbot basically allows you to automate your sales and customer support on your WhatsApp Business Account. For example:
  • Handling FAQs of your customers
  • Help your customers find products
  • Interact with past customers, including abandoned cart, providing shipping & return info
  • Update about new product launches & offers
  • Do customer service & Gather feedback on CX

Your clients get information about your event and book its tickets through Whatsapp Chatbot without the need of your PreSales team.

Replace your Personal Assistant with Virtual Assistant. Ask your patients to talk to your Whatsapp Chatbot for appointment bookings.

Provide 24x7 assistance to parents and students on your Whatsapp number through an intelligent chatbot.

No need for expensive eCommerce websites or mobile apps. Start selling on Whatsapp with a minimal investment through Chatbot.

Promote your product or accept workshop booking. Provide Pre Sales and Post Sales Services on Whatsapp through an AI chatbot.

Let your staff do important tasks and Chatbot answer repetitive questions of your clients over your Whatsapp. Save on your OPEX

Let farmers learn agri practices in their local language over Whatsapp. Hire an intelligent chatbot and serve your customers best.

Customers hate waiting on calls. Give them 24x7 assistance around their bookings and travel queries through Whatsapp Chatbot

Stop relying on third party mobile apps for getting clients. Promote your own Whatsapp no. and accept orders 24x7. Hire a bot today.

Have you ever felt like not attending customers calls during your family time. Let a smart bot answer your clients over Whatsapp

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