The Power Benefits of WhatsApp Automation For Your Business

The Power Benefits of WhatsApp Automation For Your Business

WhatsApp is now the most popular platform for instant messaging. 

The app’s business version has transformed how businesses communicate with their customers. 

Customers can now easily reach out to their favorite brands and find solutions to problems, without needing to wait in long lines or make endless phone calls, thanks to the WhatsApp business platform

WhatsApp has removed long-standing communication barriers between businesses and their customers. 

With the release of the WhatsApp Business API, businesses of all sizes will be able to take advantage of its many powerful features, including the shared team inbox, bulk alerts, WhatsApp template messages, and, most importantly, the WhatsApp Business API. 

What is WhatsApp Automation?


What is WhatsApp Business automation

Automation is essential to a company’s sales and marketing functions, which include trying to send out messages, alerts, and notifications, or able to share offers and discounts, as well as making important announcements. 

When you have a huge number of calls to manage, automation can come in handy. 

WhatsApp Automation is simply the use of WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business API to optimize customer conversations. 

WhatsApp automated messages are pre-programmed responses to messages sent by new or existing WhatsApp users. 

The responses are generated automatically, with no human intervention required.

This feature enables you to reply to client messages even after hours. 

Customers’ satisfaction and experience with your brand will be enhanced if they receive responses from your company quickly and efficiently. 

The Benefits of Using WhatsApp Automation 

The following are the top advantages of using WhatsApp automation: 

● It enables your company to thrive in a competitive environment in which quick responses to changing markets and customer demands are required to stay ahead of the competition. 

● Automation dramatically reduces response time. 

Your customers expect immediate responses, which WhatsApp automation provides. 

● With access to the WhatsApp Business API, you can run automatic marketing campaigns through WhatsApp to reach out to your target audiences. 

● It provides your agents more time to concentrate on more pressing problems. 

WhatsApp business automation frees up precious time that your agents can use wisely to work on more important tasks. 

WhatsApp Automation for Business: How It Works 

Keywords are one method by which WhatsApp Business automation works. 

You can program it so that when a specific keyword in a message is detected, a predefined response is sent. 

A simple “hello” sent from a customer to a brand is one simple example (and there will be more of these later). 

An automatic response is sent when the keyword “hello” is detected. 

Apart from the initial setup of this response, no effort is required from anyone. 

Sure, it only takes a few seconds to craft a quick response, but these seconds add up, especially if you’re handling dozens or even hundreds of queries per hour.

Milestone triggers are another method for sending automated messages on WhatsApp Business

This is accomplished through WhatsApp integrations with platforms such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 

7 Popular most common WhatsApp automation use cases. 

WhatsApp business automation and use cases

1. Welcoming new clients 

You can use automated WhatsApp messages to greet potential subscribers who’ve already connected with your company. 

When a customer initiates contact with your team, messages can be sent. 

2. Setting up outside or away messages 

Out emails are automated messages that are sent out whenever a customer contacts your company after normal business hours. 

They serve as an acknowledgment, informing customers that you have seen their message and will reply to them shortly. 

This feature helps to maintain high levels of customer engagement by guaranteeing that no client messages go unnoticed. 

3. Sending notifications after peak hours 

When your chat volumes are high and all of your agents are busy, you can send out automated WhatsApp messages huge user base that you are unable to respond to them immediately but will do so within a certain time frame. 

Customers appreciate truth and look forward to doing business with companies that are open and honest.

4. Setting up quick responses to respond to customer FAQs

This feature makes it easier to handle customer FAQs. 

You can create, edit, and store these texts to be sent as responses when customers contact you with frequently asked questions. 

The messages can be stored for future use, giving your agents more time to focus on more important tasks. Here’s an example of an airline responding to a customer FAQ using automated messages. 

5. Sharing order tracking information 

When you want to retain businesses updated on the status of their orders, WhatsApp automation comes in handy. 

You can notify customers about the location of their shipments using automated WhatsApp messages. 

6. Sharing deals and discounts 

WhatsApp automation can help you easily communicate offers and discounts with customers. 

Promotional messages are messages that include discounts and offers that help drive sales. 

7. Send automated WhatsApp messages

informing customers of available discounts and offers. 

WhatsApp messages are widely read. Active app users would prefer to receive promotional messages via WhatsApp over any other channel.


What exactly are automated messages? 

Scheduled text messages are examples of automated text messages. 

They are pre-written messages that are scheduled and sent to a recipient at a specific date and time. 

They lead to a more timely and personalized interaction with your contacts.

Is there a bot on WhatsApp Business? 

Bots for WhatsApp business means that businesses of all sizes can now use virtual assistants to communicate with clients on the world’s largest messenger service. 

WhatsApp chatbots were introduced as a beta test run of chatbots on the platform by WhatsApp Business and now have over 3 million users.

Final thoughts 

WhatsApp is a social media platform that connects millions of people every day and now offers businesses limitless opportunities to engage with their large customer base. 

Companies can communicate and contact customers directly on their preferred platform, and a large scale, by utilizing WhatsApp automation chatbots. 

WhatsApp business automation has risen above the status of a desirable but questionable trend. 

The several examples and successes speak for themselves, highlighting the concept of messaging economy.

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