AI Chatbots for eCommerce websites and mobile apps

Respond to your customers
24×7 in multiple languages

With the help of an AI-enabled chatbot on your eCommerce website, you can now answer your customers’ queries 24×7 thus enhancing the customer experience. YugasaBot can talk in 100+ languages.

Sell, Support, and Promot with YugasaBot

YugasaBot is the #1 omnichannel chatbot to provide support to your online customers, help you send promotions on WhatsApp and enable Commerce on Meta (WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram) applications.

No-code, Low Code Automation

Manage your chatbot’s intelligence, design, and communication from the Admin panel without the need for any technical knowledge.

State of the art Analytics

YugasaBot dashboard provides important insights about your online shoppers

Innovative Bot Builder

Manage your chatbot’s intelligence in a few clicks without the need for any coding.

Scalable and Feature Rich

Integrate YugasaBot with any third-party apps, plugins, or extensions in no time.

Start selling on WhatsApp

Your customer is present on Whatsapp all the time. We handhold your brand to sell, support and promote yourself on WhatsApp

Product Catalogue and Cart

Product listing, Add to Cart, Pay online, Track order, and more right on WhatsApp

Brand Awareness and LeadGen

Build brand awareness and promote festive offers on WhatsApp & monitor stats.

Notifications and Support

Notify customers about order status & abandoned carts. Solve their queries 24×7.

Promote for Higher Conversions

Let your customers know about your brand’s ethics, product launch, and offers. Achieve higher customer loyalty through campaigning.

Groups and Targeted audiences

Create targeted groups as per age, gender, location & more, and promote effectively

Scheduling and Reporting

Set one-time or recurring campaigns and monitor stats for improved marketing strategies

WhatsApp Ads, Whatsapp marketing, and emails

Send rich media WA messages and emails to prospects you know & to those whom you do not know.

Human Touch to your Communication

Offer Human Support to your customers through Human Agent Control Kit (HACK) and achieve higher CSAT and CX.

Manage chat control through a button

The human Support agent can take or release the chat control just with a click of a button.

Send pre-set replies for instant replies

Let your support team help more with less work by sending pre-set replies just with a click

Agentwise performance reporting

See reports of which agent has attended how many hours of queries in a week or month

Can there be a Chatbot for you also?

Offline retailers, Sellers on marketplaces like Amazon, Businesses having their eCommerce websites, and FMCG product manufacturers; chatbots are made for everyone. We help you in deciding your chatbot features on the basis of your business type and size. If you have any of the following selling items, then yes, you should own a chatbot.


Your customers are on Whatsapp. Reach out to them where they are. Sell on Whatsapp 24×7.

Food & Drinks

40 crore users use Whatsapp in India. Neither do they stop eating nor do they stop using Whatsapp.

Computers & Electronics

Generation ‘Z’ loves Phones, laptops, Earbuds and WhatsApp. Sell your inventory where your target audience is.


People can’t resist impulsive buying if they look at eye candies. They buy more if they have an easy option to buy from.

Pet Care

Tell your customers about your offers & promotions on Whatsapp. After all who says no to a gift for his furry friend?


Diwali, Eid, Christmas, BDays, Marriages, Breakups. We need gifts for every moment. Its just that someone should remind us on Whatsapp.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Retailers to websites to mobile apps to now on Whatsapp. Sell at every such place where your customers can shop.


Assist your customers 24×7 through an intelligent chatbot on your website and Whatsapp. Instant response helps them stay cool.

Office Supplies

Sell, Upsell, and Cross Sell. Add more avenues where you can sell digitally. Whatsapp chatbot is the latest in trend now.


Do you find it difficult to help your customer remember your brand? Keep connecting them through Whatsapp commerce.


Put a QR code on your product. Let users scan it to talk to your chatbot and learn more about your brand other products.

Seller on Marketplace

Selling on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart is not sufficient. You need more sales. Sell on Whatsapp with higher RoI.

How easy it is to implement a Chatbot

It’s one of the simplest and most seamless processes with YugasaBot.


Yugasa collaborates with your team to design the chat flow and make the bot intelligent around your services.


We do handholding in getting your WhatsApp account approved and integrating it with your AI-enabled bot.



We do the API implementations of your Database, CRM, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and More.


Human-Agent Control Kit enables your support team to assist your patients mannually in case the bot hits a fallback

Self Management

With very little training, your IT team can manage the bot’s intelligence and send WhatsApp notifications