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Tailor made AI chatbot for your business

You worked hard over the years to stand different from your competitors. You always denied to accept ‘One Size Fits All’. Get a Yubo conversational chatbot made specially for you.

Outperform humans

A bot can perform better than humans. Ask us to prove that.

24×7 presence

Never let a lead go unattended from any of your digital platforms.

Easy to adopt

Yubo has an easy to use Admin & can be integrated with your existing systems.

Lead screen

Yubo does lead screening and collects visitors’ contact details elegantly.

Google rank

Yubo compliments Google Ad campaigns for better visibility. Ask us to explain this.

Appointment booking

Yubo converts passive website visitors into interested customers.

Yubo best conversational AI chatbot for business

Yubo AI powered chatbots can automate chats for every business. See some of the examples below from different industries and business. It can be used for eCommerce, Appointment booking, Lead Generation and Customer Support.

Meet Yubo AI conversational bots

Companies across the world trust us

Yugasa Bot is an AI enabled and NLP based Chatbot framework of Yugasa Software Labs. We have served clients across multiple domains.

Implementing a chatbot is easy

Implementing a

Chatbot is easy

No special skills or changes are required at your end. Our implementation team integrates Yubo seamlessly into your existing systems with minimal discussions

Ask for free demo

Sign off the proposal

We implement the chatbot

Chatbot start working

We maintain it


Use Yubo AI chatbots for all of your platforms

Yubo is very adjusting by nature. It can fit well on your webpage, mobile app screen and facebook page. We can give your Yubo a voice too. Talk to Yubo with Amazon’s Echo or Google Home.


Yubo gels up well with every business. Your website and Yubo can together work to get more leads for your business.


Yubo is very adjusting… it fits well on every screen size. Give your web users the same attention on your mobile app.



Yubo can be integrated with third party applications like your existing CRMs, Support Ticket tools and eCommerce plugins


Chatbots are no more a new thing for facebook pages. If you have traffic on your facebook page, let Yubo cater to that.


Yubo can talk intelligently 24X7 with your prospects when they contact you on your Business Whatsapp Number.

Why choose us you ask?

Great projects are a result experienced team, honest efforts and revolutionary thoughts.
Team Yubo is an amalgamation of these traits. We simply deliver the best chatbot.

A transparent company

We strongly believe in maintaining a transparent relationship with all our clients. At no stage will there be any additional or hidden charges that you might have to look at when you trust us with a project of yours.


Our team is very efficient in terms of communication. We believe that a company can only thrive when it’s teams can communicate easily. Hence a lot of time is spent to ensure our teams are able to communicate best with the clients using different online tools.


Being one of the most trusted brands in the software industry, we at Yubo understand the value of confidentiality. You do not have to tell us that all information that is shared between you and Yubo has to stay between us only. We adhere to this as an inbuilt value at Yubo.

Hire on the go

Every project might require a very different set of talents. Hence at Yubo, we maintain a team of developers of different expertise that are available as per the client requirement. This ensures that you get the best of the developers working on your project at all times!

Experience matters

The talent pool in Yubo has a wide range of experience in many languages. The development team has a minimum of 5 years of experience in the domain. Each one of the talents is tested every now and again to ensure that they are on top of their games at any given time.

We have got you covered

Once we take up your requirements, we are there for you always! We have a strong technical maintenance team if the need arises at any time for you to contact us for any sudden glitches. The teams can solve your challenges by deploying best of their experiences.