Terms and Conditions

YugasaBot Intelligence Building Terms and Conditions

1. These are the terms and conditions for getting access to Yugasa Bot’s Admin Panel and Bot Builder.

2. Using this Admin Panel, you (Client) can create an instance of Yugasa Bot which you may integrate into any of your business digital touchpoints to attend to your visitors 24×7 through text chat only. You authorize Yugasa Bot to collect visitors’ contact details and chat logs in its CRM.

3. Look and Feel / Frontend of the bot: For the WhatsApp bot, there will not be any customization in the look and feel of the bot window and shall follow default offerings, looks, and UI as provided by the carrier platform. In the description of the Bot, a statement shall be mentioned stating that the bot is powered by Yugasa Bot. A chat window inside a website or mobile app can be customized in its looks and color scheme as per the client’s needs through the settings section of the YugasaBot Admin. Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Limited holds the right to put its label as ‘Powered by YugasaBot’ at the bottom of the chat window inside all other digital touchpoints like a website or a mobile app view. The chat window shall be put in the form of an embedded view that can be seen as functional on all the channels.

4. Yugasa Bot can be made intelligent through the ‘Your Story’ Section of the bot builder by putting a maximum of 1500 characters. YugasaBot shall deploy AI and NLP to start responding to your website visitors using this intelligence material.

5. It is important that the Admin must use other tools of bot builder i.e., Conversation Flow, Intents, third-party integrations, slots, and webhooks & actions to build further intelligence of the chatbot. In absence of the proper use of these additional bot builder tools, the bot will not perform satisfactorily for most of the queries asked of it. Any tech support required from Yugasa Software Labs for building the bot’s intelligence using these additional tools will be given on paid basis. Yugasa holds the right to submit an appropriate price for such a task on the basis of the work intensity and efforts involved. Yugasa shall start working on building the bot’s intelligence through its tech support only after mutual agreement between Yugasa and the client around the commercials and on payment of an upfront amount for the services by the client to Yugasa Software Labs. The client confirms that he or his team shall work with Yugasa Bot team to ensure that the knowledge base given to the bot is correct as per the client’s business information.

6. The Yugasa Bot shall be used as an assistant to help your website visitors in replying to queries whose answers are mentioned in the ‘Your Story’ Section or through utilizing information from the additional bot-builder tools. Any information not mentioned in the ‘Your Story’ section or in the other intelligence-building tools will not be known to Yugasa Bot.

7. Client understands that making a chatbot ‘intelligent’ is an ongoing and evolving process. Yugasa Bot can be made more intelligent from the Admin section by monitoring the FallBack option. Client shall keep monitoring the ‘Fallbacks’ section on his own to know Yugasa Bot’s failures and will keep improving the content and the bot’s intelligence through the bot builder section and through webhooks and actions.

8. Hosting / Servers: Yugasa Bot is a SaaS platform and shall be hosted on Yugasa’s Cloud Partner Servers and there will not be any additional expense for any hardware maintenance at the client’s end.

9. Concurrency: Yugasa Bot will be able to handle up to a maximum of 2 concurrent users asking different queries at the same time with an uptime of 97%. The promised uptime is calculated on the monthly basis.

10. Branding and Whitelabeling: There will be a Yugasa Bot logo on the chatbot window at the bottom with a link to www.helloyubo.com. Client, in no eventuality, shall remove that logo or its link while using the chatbot on his or her website.

11. The Bot will come with single language support and that is English. It can be trained in multiple other languages using paid assistance from Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd.

12. No Support for the following features:

The client understands that for the basic Yugasa Bot version, there will not be any support or training from Yugasa Software Labs. Only paid support can be bought from Yugasa for the basic Version.
There will not be any voice support by the bot. Basic Yugasa Bot will support only text chat.
No integration with any third-party software/hardware (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.).
YugasaBot will not be responsible for any traffic generation on the client’s digital touchpoint.

13. There can be different behavior of Yugasa Bot’s window based on the browser’s default offerings.

14. Any third-party issues like the client’s website or other platforms not working may cause Yugasa Bot to stop working on that platform. Yugasa Software Labs or Yugasa Bot is not responsible for any such shortcomings or issues.

15. Integration of Yugasa Bot with any system of software is subject to APIs and access/permissions availability of that software/platform. The client shall take care of arranging such APIs/access/permissions.

16. YugasaBot does not take any responsibility for a response given by it while under use by any health brand or a health practitioner for enabling any kind of health screening like, but not limited to, diabetes, neuro, stroke, oncology, etc. Any therapy or screening results announced/declared by YugasaBot through patient interaction will be solely based on the opinion of the Health Organisation or the Practitioner who had built YugasaBot’s intelligence in the subject matter either on their own or by seeking Yugasa Software Labs paid services. YugasaBot does not provide any such information which can be used to make decisions for diagnosis or treatments. The company or the health practitioner who shall deploy YugasaBot for automating such screening shall be only responsible for availing needed certifications under Classes A, B, C, and D before enabling health screenings of livings being using YugasaBot. Any prescription provided by the health practitioners using YugasaBot Teleconsultation feature is the decision of the respective health practitioners only. YugasaBot is independent of any such prescription and is merely a channel that conveys the practitioner’s / expert’s prescription in digital form to the patient over the intended communication channel.

17. Any failure of Yugasa Bot in satisfying the visitor in solving his query will have no obligation on Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd.

18. Yugasa Bot does not guarantee any kind of resolution to the visitor’s grievances when implemented for support purposes.

19. We have a no refund policy. The subscriptions once purchased can not be cancelled in between. It can only be stopped after the tenure of the subscription is over. The amount paid for any subscription is not refundable.

20. The pricing of the subscription depends on the tenure of the subscription bought. For monthly subscription, the cost is INR 1000 per month, for quarterly subscription, the cost is INR 2750 per quarter, and for yearly subscription, the cost is INR 10000 per annum.

Yugasa holds complete rights to update or modify or add to any of the terms and conditions or policies before or after Yugasa Bot is deployed on the client’s digital touchpoints at any time without any prior notice to the Client.

The prospect or a client can reach out to YugasaBot team at contact@helloyubo.com for any query or support required around any of the above-stated terms and policies.