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Artificial Intelligence and NLP are in their nascent stages and there is a humongous scope of innovation and growth in this domain. In the 1990’s the internet changed the way businesses would operate globally. Yet another technology revolution now awaits to unleash its potential. AI and Machine Learning will soon automate Pre-Sales and Post Sales activities in all respects and for businesses of all sizes and domains. Continuous innovation in AI will make the technology accessible to all and a personal virtual assistant will become as common as mobile phones in near future. Yugasa is a Research and Development Agency working extensively in the field of Artificial Intelligence and NLP through its flagship product YugasaBot. We publish our Research Papers for free for the businesses to know how AI can benefit them going forward.

Whatsapp Chatbots – New Digital Revolution

We predict that WhatsApp Chatbot will replace Mobile Apps very soon for many digital business for multiple reasons. Download our research paper to know more about it.
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WhatsApp Business API new pricing needs changes

WhatsApp has recently announced to revise its pricing policies for WABA APIs. What are the loops holes in that and the possible fixes of those holes in future.
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