Platform Policies

YugasaBot SaaS Platform Policies

Bot Removal Policy

1. For the paid version of YugasaBot, a Non-payment of the integration cost or license fee, or third-party APIs bill on time will authorize Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd to either remove the Bot services from the Client’s platforms or run advertisements on the Bot interface on the Client’s platforms.

2. The client can also decide to cancel its engagement with YugasaBot at any time. In such an eventuality, the client shall share a valid reason with Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Limited for the same. Yugasa Software Labs shall try to save the business relationship with the client. In case the dis-engagement will be mutually and amicably decided the client shall pay the outstanding dues to Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd if any before his final departure.

3. No data or access to the Admin section shall be continued to be provided to the client in case he/she stops using the license(free or paid) of Yugasa Bot after whatsoever time.

4. If Yugasa Bot is removed from the client’s digital touchpoint after using it once, then redeploying Yugasa Bot on the same or other digital touchpoints in the future will act as a new instance. This means that any historical data related to intelligence, communication Fallbacks, etc will be lost after removing Yugasa Bot, and the cost towards integration of the bot again on new touch points will levy an additional cost.

Policy Against Any Illicit Use of YugasaBot

1. Yugasa Software Labs Private Limited holds strict restrictions for using Yugasa Bot in encouraging or promoting any illegal, anti-social, abusive, harassing, threatening or any other such activity which can be harmful to any individual or to society as a whole. Yugasa holds full rights to immediately remove the bot from the client’s website without any prior notice to the client in case the Client is detected to be violating any of the above-stated security conditions.

2. Use of YugasaBot for enabling any Hate Communication is strictly not allowed. A chatbot, if discovered, promoting violence against or directly attacks or threatening other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease shall be banned and removed with immediate effect. We also do not allow bot accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm toward others on the basis of these categories.

3. The Client holds full responsibility for availing of necessary approvals and certifications from the appropriate authority as designated by the Government of the Client Country for executing the business, he aims to run on YugasaBot. An example of support

License Policy

License per instance of Yugasa Bot is charged. Any increase in the digital touchpoint other than the platform(s) for which the YugasaBot is hired on a paid basis already, shall have a corresponding impact on the bot costing. Please note that a bot with any separate intelligence will be considered a different chatbot and shall be charged additionally for integration also.

Payment Policy

The web version of DIY YugasaBot without any third-party integrations comes absolutely free to use. This version of YugasaBot does not contain any development or support services from Yugasa Software Labs Pvt Ltd. For the paid version of YugasaBot there are three kinds of costs involved.

A) One-time integration Cost: This cost depends on the complexity and intensity of the scope of work. Yugasa team understands the client’s custom requirements and evaluates the efforts for the work’s execution. Based on the mutual agreement on the cost, Yugasa starts the work on the development after receiving the upfront payment.

B) Quarterly License cum Mantainence Charges: On the basis of annual engagement commitment, Yugasa charges quarterly license fees which involve fees towards using the platform features, support, and smooth running of the platform.

C) Third-Party API cost: If the chatbot utilizes any third-party paid APIs, for-example WABA APIs for WhatsApp Campaigning, Translation services for a multi-lingual bot, Vonage APIs for video calling or other such APIs of similar nature, then the payments towards such APIs will be billed to the client either by the third-party platform directly or through YugasaBot on ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ basis.

Please refer to the ‘Bot Removal Policy’ around Non Payment of any of the agreed costs at any time

No Refund Policy

We have a no-refund policy. In case the client avails a paid service from Yugasa Software Labs for implementing the Chatbot for his business, then for enabling any trial, successful or unsuccessful, there is an effort from the team, servers, and other resources involved, which can not be waived off or refunded in any situation and will have to be paid for by the client.

WhatsApp Chatbot Implementation Policy

1. Any changes in WhatsApp policies, prices, or in their offerings at any time during and after the WABA API implementation for the client shall have a related impact on YugasaBot offering and the same shall be applicable accordingly after sound information to the client.

2. Only the templates approved by WhatsApp can be used to send notifications.

3. The notifications can be sent to those users only who have opted in to receive WhatsApp notifications (a separate API shall be provided for Opt-in).

4. Cost towards the WhatsApp bill as per the usage will have to be paid in time by the client on a monthly basis for availing services from WhatsApp.

Policies in light of Third-Party Platforms

YugasaBot can be implemented into any third-party website built on WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, and more as an iFrame by putting the bot window’s code snippet in the footer of the website. A chatbot can be made more intelligent about a business by integrating it with the website’s database through proper developers’ coding without impacting the platform’s policies and terms. YugasaBot policies remain intact as laid above irrespective of the web platform into which it is integrated.

Platform Privacy Policy

YugasaBot is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how YugasaBot collects and uses shared information if you or your digital visitors use our platform or Services.

A company deploying YugasaBot in its business shares data or information with us in the following ways. (A) through APIs which enable YugasaBot to fetch dynamic information from the company’s database (B) your visitor’s IP Address through Web Cookies, Information about the Communication Channel, browser URL in case of Web Chatbot and WhatsApp no. in case the consumer is on WhatsApp, through the Communication thread which the chatbot does with the digital visitor (C) through uploading the end-users list for online campaigning through WhatsApp or through email marketing (D) through the intents and conversation flows which you create using the YugasaBot admin panel. (E) through sharing the account information which you add to your account, such as a username, email ID, and billing data. (F) Your digital visitors may share their contact information like name, email ID, and phone no. depending upon the flow of communication you have framed in the YugasaBot admin panel.

We work with third-party Channel Partners and app stores to help us operate, provide, improve, support, and market our Services. These providers may provide us with information about you in certain circumstances which we keep with us for better performance.

We store only necessary information at our end to help us operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services. Our goal through the use of such necessary information is to achieve the smooth and intelligent working of the chatbot. We also provide an option to the Admin to either download the required data locally or migrate such data to its own servers wherever possible through API integrations and remove the YugasaBot copy of that data right from the YugasaBot Admin section itself.

YugasaBot is SaaS platform hosted on secured servers shelled in a safe firewall. We implement the necessary encryption and validate the platform for VAPT testing after every regular interval.

You can choose to withdraw your permission at any time by sending us a request at or by calling us at +918800171133.

Yugasa holds complete rights to update or modify or add to any of the terms and conditions or policies before or after Yugasa Bot is deployed on the client’s digital touchpoints at any time without any prior notice to the Client. You are advised to review this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.

The prospect or a client can reach out to YugasaBot team at for any query or support required around any of the above-stated terms and policies.