Launch your WhatsApp Commerce Shop with YugasaBot

Can there be a Chatbot for you also?

Offline retailers, Sellers on marketplaces like Amazon, Businesses having their eCommerce websites, and FMCG product manufacturers; chatbots are made for everyone. We help you in deciding your chatbot features on the basis of your business type and size. If you have any of the following selling items, then yes, you should own a chatbot.


Your customers are on Whatsapp. Reach out to them where they are. Sell on Whatsapp 24×7.

Food & Drinks

40 crore users use Whatsapp in India. Neither do they stop eating nor do they stop using Whatsapp.

Computers & Electronics

Generation ‘Z’ loves Phones, laptops, Earbuds and WhatsApp. Sell your inventory where your target audience is.


People can’t resist impulsive buying if they look at eye candies. They buy more if they have an easy option to buy from.

Pet Care

Tell your customers about your offers & promotions on Whatsapp. After all who says no to a gift for his furry friend?


Diwali, Eid, Christmas, BDays, Marriages, Breakups. We need gifts for every moment. Its just that someone should remind us on Whatsapp.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Retailers to websites to mobile apps to now on Whatsapp. Sell at every such place where your customers can shop.


Assist your customers 24×7 through an intelligent chatbot on your website and Whatsapp. Instant response helps them stay cool.

Office Supplies

Sell, Upsell, and Cross Sell. Add more avenues where you can sell digitally. Whatsapp chatbot is the latest in trend now.


Do you find it difficult to help your customer remember your brand? Keep connecting them through Whatsapp commerce.


Put a QR code on your product. Let users scan it to talk to your chatbot and learn more about your brand other products.

Seller on Marketplace

Selling on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart is not sufficient. You need more sales. Sell on Whatsapp with higher RoI.

How to start using a chatbot?

Open a new channel of reaching out to your prospective buyers through the world’s most used app, WhatsApp. Bring customers on your Whatsapp Chatbot through different mediums and provide your services to them on an app, which they would never uninstall.

  • Digital Ad to WhatsApp Bot
  • QR Code in Print Media to Bot
  • Bot Address on your product packing
  • Send WhatsApp Notification to your database

Offer your services on WhatsApp

40 Crore users use WhatsApp in India and this strength is increasing at a rate of 16.6% per annum. It is rare that a user uninstalls WhatsApp. Having your chatbot assisting your customers through WhatsApp is the best thing you can offer to your customers. A user can

  • Look at your product catalog
  • Shop instantly and pay you on WhatsApp
  • Know your brand better and engage with it
  • Check the status of his order over WhatsApp
  • Seek pre and post-sales support
  • Bring customers back for a repeat sale

Staying connected increases customer loyalty.

Out of sight is out of mind. Customers forget about you because they do not see you around. But with YugasaBot on WhatsApp, your customer loyalty increases by 40%. You can send promotional messages to your customers and prospects through YugasaBot under your campaigns like ‘Shop More and Pay Less This Weekend. Since people never uninstall WhatsApp, hence they will keep seeing your brand through your tips notifications and you will be able to upsell and cross-sell to them more. And guess whatt, all this on reduced CAC (Cost of Acquiring Customer)

Companies across the world trust us

Yugasa Bot is an AI enabled and NLP based Chatbot framework of Yugasa Software Labs. We have served clients across multiple domains.

What’s more for you in the
YugasaBot Bag?

Informative Dashboard

The Bot talks with your visitors & collects data like communications, contact details, and more. Yugasa Bot’s dashboard gives meaning to that data.

Inbuilt Mini CRM

YugasaBot communicates with all your digital visitors. It’s inbuilt mini CRM helps you revisit, manage and download those communications.

Language Support

Yugasa Bot is a global citizen and knows 100+ languages of the world. Give your visitors the ease of communication in their preferred language of choice.


We are a GDPR compliant, VAPT tested, and are hosted on secured servers. Your bot remains active and keeps talking intelligently to your customers 24×7.

Yugasa Care

YugasaBot is a no-code platform and can be self-managed after little training. But unlike many other SaaS platforms, we stay available to listen to you and handhold you when needed.

New Feature Releases

Our team keeps building newer features in Conversational AI. Features good for all businesses are released free of cost. We love our customers growing with us!

How easy it is to implement a Chatbot

It’s one of the simplest and most seamless processes with YugasaBot.


Yugasa collaborates with your team to design the chat flow and make the bot intelligent around your services.


We do handholding in getting your WhatsApp account approved and integrating it with your AI-enabled bot.



We do the API implementations of your Database, CRM, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and More.


Human-Agent Control Kit enables your support team to assist your patients mannually in case the bot hits a fallback

Self Management

With very little training, your IT team can manage the bot’s intelligence and send WhatsApp notifications