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    Why should you join chatbot reseller program?

    Intelligent chatbots are the new way of improved visibility, lead generation and customer support for any business. Studies reveal that the use of chatbot on the website has resulted in a 37% increase in quality leads. Chatbots are unstoppable and companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are encouraging its use thus making chatbots the need of every business. Fast growing Digital Marketing Agencies like yours should have an intelligent, robust, feature rich chatbot solution to satisfy your customers demand. Do not say No to your customers ever.

    Your customers will love you for making them AI enabled

    Chatbots for lead generation and customer support is an established reality proving upto a 30% more profit for any business, if implemented properly. Implementing a chatbot in your customer’s business means that you are making him future ready. YugasaBot is compliant to ad campaigns and Whatsapp which can bring new ways of business leads for your clients. Your customers will love you for your vision and capabilities resulting in their increased confidence in you. We know that Happy Customers means Happy You. And that is what matters most to us, Your Success.

    Increased revenue for your business is what it means

    Chatbot adoption in businesses of all kinds is expected to grow at CAGR of 23.5%. Bots have already started automating the lead generation, help desks, print ads, eCommerce and what not. It’s no more a luxury for any business and will soon witness a steep rise in demand by most of your customers. Your customer deserves a solution which is feature rich, highly scalable, rapidly deployable and cost effective. Achieving a successful tool like this inhouse costs humongous investment in R&D. We invite you to avail the benefit of YugasaBot and leave research work on us.

    Starting with the YugasaBot Partnership Program is easy

    Developing an AI enabled Virtual Assistant in house is like reinventing the wheel. The quickest way to achieve a world class AI enabled and NLP based chatbot for your customers is to join our partnership program. Through this partnership you not only get an access to the product and its endless features, indeed you also get access to multiple trainings around AI and chatbots, a proven portfolio of working chatbots, an experienced consulting and development team and a reliable partner who is truly loving to see you grow. What are you waiting for. We are just a click away.

    Who Should Join Partner Program


    Digital Ad Agencies

    Increase conversion rate of your customers’ ad campaigns with AI Chatbot


    WABA API Providers

    Improved customer engagement on WhatsApp through Chatbot integration


    SMS Providers

    Use chatbots to run your customers’ campaigns for 40M Whatsapp Indians.


    Tech Companies

    Add value in your tech delivery. Integrate AI bot in your customers’ Web & Apps

    The Benefits

    Sell Independently

    Follow your business’ own rules. There is no sales target. Treat the product as your own and progress at your own pace and seek Yugasa support anytime for business closure.

    Research at Yugasa

    AI is in its nascent stage and we are doing aggressive R&D in the domain. YugasaBot has filed for two patents already. Our partners will continue to avail benefits of our discoveries

    Ongoing Training

    We keep our partners aware of newer learning around AI, NLP and newer features of YugasaBot. These trainings are free of charge and help our partners know the latest tech trends.

    Additional Revenue

    YugasaBot is a SaaS product and comes at a monthly license cost. Every chatbot engagement brings a new retainer business for you. We share our revenues with you continuously

    Happy Customers

    Your customers always rely on your experience to get best RoI from their engagement with you. They will certainly love you more for your decision of making them AI equipped.

    Strong Portfolio

    Now that’s the best part of our togetherness. You don’t have to work to prove the worth of the product. You always have YugasaBot portfolio to convince your customers about its potency

    What Our Partners Say About Us

    YugasaBot is a highly scalable, cost effective and a feature rich solution with couple of patents filed in its name. Our partners have found us committed and have acknowledged the product being futuristic and the need of the hour. Scroll through some of those to know more. Let us join hands and begin our journey of being together.

    Features of Yugasa Bot

    WhatsApp Integration

    Whatsapp has become one of the most preferred platforms to talk business. Attend your customers 24×7 with Whatsapp Chatbot.

    HubSpot Integration

    Yugasa Bot has integration with Hubspot to let all Yugasa Bot communication show in your Hubspot CRM itself.

    Facebook Integration

    Let your prospects interact with an intelligent assistant 24×7 on your Facebook Page and FB Ads. Attend every opportunity with your best.

    Informative Dashboard

    Making sense out of data is important. As Yugasa Bot talks with your visitors, it collects various types of data like communications, contact details, location of the visitor etc. Yugasa Bot’s dashboard gives a meaning to that data.

    Inbuilt Mini CRM

    Yugasa Bot will communicate with every kind of visitor coming on your platform. Some potential customers and others may be just visitors. Yugasa Bot’s inbuilt mini CRM will help you revisit, manage, filter and download those communications.

    Language Support

    Yugasa Bot is a global citizen and knows 100+ languages of the world. Give your visitors the ease of communication in their preferred language of choice.

    Hand holding tutorials

    The help section of Yugasa Bot is loaded with well organized video tutorials for different sections of Yugasa Bot Builder. There is also a supporting Yugasa Bot available in the admin section to resolve your queries and take your comments.

    Smart Preview

    Your website is your business’ face to your customers. From Yugasa Bot’s admin panel you get complete control on how should Yugasa Bot look like on your website. You can even preview a version of Yugasa Bot’s look and feel before making it live on your website.

    Bot Builder

    The easy to use Bot Builder of Yugasa Bot lets any layman to create, manage and make Yugasa Bot intelligent with few clicks. No coding needed, no technical know-how needed. Making Yugasa Bot intelligent is a breeze.

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