Intelligent conversational UI and its use cases

Intelligent Conversational UI and its use cases

Conversational UI: Before the introduction of Conversational UIs, the majority of our interaction was based either on the text or on the visuals. The majority of the websites on the internet still rely just on the visuals to guide their users or to answers their queries.

The introduction of text-based bots has been monumental but it has just scratched the surface of conversational UI. 

The main idea behind conversational UIs is to create seamless and simple communication between a consumer and a device.

Huge technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon consider CUIs to be the future of communication with users. 

What is Conversational UI?

A conversational UI allows a user to interact verbally and also in a more non-structured way.

It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make the interaction a human-like interaction.

With raving products from Google, Apple, and Amazon, conversational UIs are just everywhere, enticing users, interacting with them, offering knowledge and entertainment, making life easy.

Conversational UI as a part of our daily life

The best case of conversational UI is the chatbots that we go over on different web-based shopping websites and entrances. The chatbots that are being utilized presently are restricted to a particular arrangement of questions or reactions.

By presenting the component of AI into the whole cycle stream, chatbots can evolve, and there will be a conversational improvement. These conversationally improved chatbots can be conveyed in the accompanying zones –

Basic customer support – Conversational UI

To give basic client assistance, the UI takes the mentioned data directly from the source material or rethinks it by NLP features to fit the context of the discussion.

A customer support assistant can likewise deal with warnings, solicitations, reports, and follow-up data. If there arises an occurrence of inquiries past the bot’s span, the framework can divert to the human administrator.

Consuming content

Through chatbots, it is conceivable to improve the manner in which individuals expend content. Chatbots permit us to convey content dependent on an individual’s interest as a discourse.

There are now a couple of applications available that would empower this. The application conveys the content as an immediate discussion — clients can pick the substance they are keen on perusing and can approach the bot for more data.

Conversational commerce

Conversational business is tied in with moving the focus away from customer facing facade like, and towards a basic talk interface. The huge contrast in this kind of experience is that it is a coordinated correspondence channel with the client.

Clients communicate with the store similarly as they connect with a genuine individual, similar to a client partner. However, the ‘individual’ on the opposite side of the message doesn’t need to be a human; it very well may be a keen bot.

Lead generation

Since a discussion is a magnificent method to connect with the user and transform him into a client, conversational UI functions admirably for lead generation. Rather than working upon demand, it draws in with the client – the conversational interface is utilized to extract as much important data as could reasonably be expected through more helpful conversational client encounters.


Productivity conversational interface is designed to streamline the working process, making it less messy, and avoid the dubious points of routine where possible.

Productivity assistants can handle basic task management duties such as task management, retrieving reports, time management, etc.

Conversational marketing

Chatbots can be a weapon of mass commitment in the possession of the right marketing team. Similarly, as email advertising puts forth a defense for the brand introduction, chatbots can do likewise on various stages.

Onboarding first-time users

Chatbots are great for onboarding new users. One good example can be found in Slack, a corporate messaging app.

This app has something called the Slack Bot, which welcomes first-time users and provides all the required information in an easy-to-understand way.


As chatbot technology becomes easier to understand and adopt, more companies are reaping the benefits. While it’s still a novelty to consumers, conversational UI is crucial to many enterprises.

They’re helping companies cut costs and improve their quality of service. So, want to create a conversational UI strategy that works? Book a call with our experts to get started.

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