Chatbots to virtual Assistants and Conversational AI

Chatbots to virtual Assistants and Conversational AI

We are now standing at the point of the next technological evolution of the chatbots. Now, Chatbots not only can just reply through the premeditated text but can form sentences and understand emotions and sentiments. Feels awesome to be true, let me explain.

With the technological advancements in the field of AI and ML, Chatbots are not some weird bots with a set of replies which it would offer against a specific set of questions. AI and ML have immensely changed the course of these bots. 

What does Chatbot as a Virtual Assistant mean?

Chatbots have taken a great leap in the field of administration services and helping people out in their everyday chores.

Right from planning your day to providing every visitor of your website a personal touch or a human-like assistant helping them with their every need, AI with the help of NLP has made chatbots more than capable of such tasks. 

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office.

A virtual Assistant employed in your house/office can manage day-to-day chores like making appointments, setting reminders for meetings, might ask them about the news, and much more. You must have seen or had a first-hand experience with such assistants. Alexa and Google home are widely used, virtual assistants.

They can be used for easy day to day work but while incorporating them in your life and business is not an option as the companies don’t have such a plan as of yet. Hence, HelloYubo can help you with that. It can make your life easier in ways you haven’t thought of.

HelloYubo uses AI with NLP to make the conversations human-like and has been said to be a bit wittier(according to our Customers using them), although you can switch it to all formal, and will help you with your business.

It can make calls, answer them for you, and don’t worry about the language the person is talking to them with, it can handle 129 languages, which is the most any assistant can offer. Not only that, It can even understand even if the person is speaking in various languages in a single conversation like a guy speaking in Hinglish. 

Besides from using Virtual assistants for home you can use them in your business aspects too. Like using Virtual Assistants at service desks. Let’s take a dive in this aspect of virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants at Service Desks – Conversational AI

VA appointed for IT and Customer Service, Virtual Assistants has the ability to automate repetitive tasks, and fasten tasks, at the same time propagating extraordinary client experiences. 

The present circumstance with the present day service department of many organizations is that they are very less funded. As a result, it creates high response time and low satisfaction amongst customers 

Conversational AI has been demonstrating solid outcomes in enterprises.  Conversational AI reforms the manner in which the Service Desk facilitates users.

It automates tedious tasks, packs authoritative progressions, and fastens self-administration goals. Most unsurprisingly, Conversational AI improves worker and client experience.

Beyond Information Retrieval

Using Virtual Assistants just for information retrieval is like a supercomputer for adding numbers, it can be used but has a potential for much much more.

Virtual Assistants can be used with backend enterprise systems, configuration management application access, service catalogs, identity management, and much more. 

A much more enhanced form of VAs are Robotic process automation(RPA) which can unlock accounts, reset passwords, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues., 

Conversational AI can be used as service agents. These agents, having all the capabilities of a normal human agent, are available for the service throughout the DAV and are much more effective at solving customer’s technical issues through the integration of RPA. 

And this is not just all talks, many enterprises have been using these very technologies to enhance the user experience and saving them a lot of money. More and more startups and bg companies are integrating these technologies with their systems hence boosting the market for these technologies.

Virtual Assistants and Conversational AI are a boon for Company Finances

The benefits of auto-resolving service requests (self-service) span reduced support costs, increased employee morale and productivity, customer loyalty and satisfaction, plus lower Mean-Time-to-Resolution (MTTR). Possibilities for career encourage loyalty and lower attrition.

Using conversational AI for sales and customer service can reduce the issue resolving time by a great amount as the system can look for any technological difficulty in an instant and can provide a resolve instantly.

Not only this if enough permissions are granted they can do it by themselves hence increasing the chances of resolving the problem.

All Not only this, If the first contact between the customer and VA at the service desk drops for any reason, they can resume the process from the point where they had left, which is a huge drawback while talking to a human agent. Also using Conversational AI will help lower the headcount needed for these purposes. 

Enables you to grasp Insights of your Customers

Virtual assistants are based on AI and ML, It enables them to evolve through every conversation they have with customers.

They can then use this data to look for customer trends, the kind of problems users engage mostly, thus helping businesses devote more power to address that problem. 


At the end, we all can agree that the spectrum of solutions that a Virtual Assistant provides to organizations is limitless. It’s just about creativity, as to where to employ these technologies.

The future is all about AI and chatbots working side by side to provide services to large groups of people at the same time saving a huge sum of money. Please have a look at our own product and if you have any queries about it pls contact

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